Help equip Noctua


So I’m not sure what more is best for this dragon. I have a mythic/legendary rage rune, a legendary hunter attack rune, legendary hunter hp glyph and a legendary hunter attack glyph(fire flak resist as secondary :smirk:) plus epic lightning and rage glyphs…


Rage rage rage rage rage



Rage rage rage it is then. Thanks guys :grinning:





I has been saving for a while lol


Legendaries aren’t that bad to max, a bit over two million dust total for this setup I think?

Ever since I realised how rare dust was in Winter I’ve stopped putting anything on mythic glyphs for divines, that makes it easy to max any useful legendary and lower runes. So Aibrean is flying with a lvl 1 mythic glyph, but I do have at least some dust. I haven’t gotten any summer dragons yet, but I’m very sure I’ll confiscate their dust for more worthy dragons as well…


but I like my mythics on my divines… :frowning:

Need more dust. Even without leveling them Nocta is a beast. Not sure his vines are supposed to make towers vanish as often as they do but even at level 7 he is kicking some pretty good butt. Vine and cloak my way through some pretty big bases.


The vines are subject to armor and consumable +30% buffs too :eyes:


Oh absolutely! Having to fly all my divines with crippled runes sucks (lvl 4 on Avyx, lvl 1 on Aibrean), and I’ve got two mythic rage runes here for when I get Hau, with no dust to upgrade them. It’s just that fully runing up Noc like that seems worth a lot more than leveling one mythic glyph on a so-so season dragon from 5 to 6…

Only consolation is that the summer dragons all seem pretty sucky, so I won’t mind not runing them as much…

But there needs to be a massive increase in rune dust in the sigil lines and in silver chests. Replacing the 500 and 1000 drops with 25k and 50k would help, and increase the return on dusting runes by adding a zero would be nice too.


I used to have a lot of dust but after maxing our Aibrean’s mythic glyph, I was nearly out of it


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