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l’ve been playing similar games of this kind of structure and understand that can take awhile to understand the gist of this game. Its been 2 days since I started and reach level 8, but as my other game, I know that with a good team everything is more effective. I’m online all the time and can help as much as possible (after I understand more the game)… So I’m looking for a team that we can help each other grow… thanks!

I am amazed that you’re already on the forums at level 8. My first word of advice is find red’s breed path and start following it. My second word of advice is to find Mechengg’s base building guide. My third word of advice is to then get off the forums and stay off until you are around level 200. :grin:


Red’s breeding path:

Probably the most important resource in the game. Mech’s bad guide is a little out of date but the general idea is to build short; no further than the lightning tower island. Having one strong tower is much better than having two weak ones.

You won’t be able to join a “good team” persay until you level up a bit more, but you can certainly find one where you can sit and grow for a while.

Oh, and atlas is a thing so good luck when you find out about that.

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There’s plenty of teams in gold that just are looking for active players to fill roster and have a lot of retired players who are knowledgeable and can help you. There are some recruiting on the forums under the tag LFM. Good luck!

As an easy thing to follow, I would suggest sending me a mail in game and mimicking the exact towers I have. Follow my Best Breeding path, and you’ll be set. If you need any help, holler.


Thanks for all input… Since I came from a different (but similar game) it’s frustrating to be at this start level knowing how much I can contribute to any alliance… But I will take my time, learn the tricks and secrets of this game and see what the future holds… and Gyga, I’ve been using the other forum since the start and always has been a wealth of info… But, if someone is looking for a very active player, please don’t hesitate to call me!!! Thanks a lot!

What is the game u came from??

Try to find an active team with a full 50 members, or as near as possible and apply. You’re probably looking for Gold I to Gold III. Don’t be afraid to try other teams, but it’s decent to give your leader or an officer notice if you’re going to leave so they can prepare to replace you.

We kind of operate on a weekly schedule due to events - your event points only count toward the team you’re on at the start of the event (sightly simplified), so people tend to change teams mostly on the between-event days, Monday evening through Wednesday morning in US time.

Serious teams are looking ideally for members that log in at least daily and will participate in every war and event. Wars affect league placement and daily egg tokens, and group participation in events affects team achievement and team rank rewards. Find a team that’s playing at the same seriousness and activity level and with similar goals if you want to be happy.

Some teams have a feature called atlas that has become a big part of the game. You can’t use atlas until level 25, so figuring out whether you want it and getting an atlas team is not urgent. If you’re online all the time and like to help i suspect you may like it.

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Prob an alt :blush:

Empire and Puzzles …

Jk die here with me


Hi and welcome
In your main island u will find team meeting hall try and find a gold team that is under ratings active at your level u wont be much good at a higher league or wont take you long to grow at the beginning the trick is dont rush switching teams but if the vibe of the team doesn’t work for u find a new team the most important thing is about a team that they r willing to teach u the game and help u grow with backup and resources. Don’t worry about atlas at the moment it will just be a headache at the beginning

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