Help I can’t breed or do missions

i am posting this in hopes this has happened to someone and was able to find a fix. Ever since I started game I have not been able to get credit for egg missions I have done correct bases according to mission. On top of that I can’t breed ny dragons. Yes I have sent ticket in and support so far hasn’t been able to help. So I’m reaching out in hopes someone out there has any suggestions. I’ve uninstalled game multiple times. Logged out uninstalled everything I have even reset phone to factory settings still no fix. Ty

Breed event is long over, so definitely want to wait until the next one rolls around anyway. :+1:t3:

Haven’t had an issue with token missions myself. Are you sure you’re hitting above the minimum base level?

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Yes I watched a tutorial about doing egg missions there’s a base that she suggested book marking for that msmersy it’s a level 113 I’m 23 it’s setup so that no matter what level u are u can kill it. I did it still no completed mission also my breeding building won’t allow me to breed

Can you post a screenshot of your missions?


Also, some screenshots of what you mean by the breeding hut not allowing you to breed would help.


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