HELP. I can't log in anymore!

For some ungodly reason I can no longer log in to the game at all. Game crashes on the loading screen around 80% EVERY TIME. Yes I have cleared data and cache. Yes I have done a clean install. Nothing helps.

We can’t help you here. Submit a support ticket at

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Uninstall :smirk:

I had the same, though at 99%. We did everything, and the only way I could get back to the game was wiping my tablet: Factory reset.

Buy a new device? :roll_eyes:

Yeah I’m not gonna wipe my phone. And not necessarily a new device. I had it running just fine before the update. Ticket submitted but I doubt they’ll help me.

They helped me, and so will you, I am sure. This update had the same impact on my phone, too. Just be patient, the CS has their hands full.

One can only hope. I’ve spent a lot of time and even more money on this game. Would be nice if I could log in lol

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Are you able to log in yet?

Did you get a response from the ticket? (if not don’t respond to it - you will just delay the response from CS)

Nope. Still crashing no matter what I do. I haven’t logged in for almost a week now.

Oh yeah and of course for my ticket that’s still open, theyre saying it might be my internet that I’ve been running the game on for almost a year now. Told me to change DNS settings. Yeah, I’m good. Funny everything else works except war dragons now.

Try going to Starbucks and using their wifi. That should help rule it out.

I’ve swapped between LTE and my Xfinity home wifi. Doesnt change anything.

My friend had that issue and ended up losing his team … he was leader. Do you have another device? Try loading the game onto it and logging in.

Unfortunately I do not anymore :expressionless:

Ask PG if it’s okay for a friend to log into your account to check it out.

When my friend got locked out and after he lost his team. He was extremely frustrated and let me log into his account … and I was able to get in.

After all the fussing, it magically just started working. No telling what the actual issue was. Now to get my activity levels back up on my accounts and find a new team lol

Congrats! :rofl:

Spoke way too soon. Switched accounts and its crashing again