Help. iap not working

SquidZillaZoE is my name. I cannot buy any elite time. It always says Google play not connected. Only this game does this. How can I fix it? On android.

I had this happen to me very early on… it has to do with the device. Put in a support ticket, but try to uninstall restart phone and reinstall game. Or factory reset phone.

Just make sure that you have a pocket ID before deleting the game :sweat_smile:


I did try to reinstall. Same stuff

Where do I put a support ticket in

Thru game under help

everythingne everythi. Contacted support and google play. Nothing and no one has helped me with my inability to purchase anything :frowning:

I wouldn’t spend a cent my friend. Thank your lucky stars you physically cannot buy anything.

Lol. For real it makes…mad. I wanna spend that bread

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