Help in how to maximize chances of getting mythic hunter


I have a total of 36 inner fire and 170 pack of energy, so I’m going to open them in this coming event I hope to get more inner fire and clocks


Good luck :hugs: (I need it too :laughing:)


Since I finished the warrior branch I hope to finish the sorcerer branch in 1 month since I going to open 203 gold chests I figured that is going to help through the first half of the first page that would leave me with a page and 1/2 to do in I hope to finish in a month, so hopefully I would have 2 months to finish the mythic branch ? Is this realistic?


I have no idea because I do not get along with math :joy: Geometry was the one area of maths I enjoyed in high school. I did not like algebra or pre-calculus (didn’t need math in college because of my art major). So I’d have to admit that doing the calculation and all that to determine it it’s possible to meet the goal you are asking about just makes my head hurt :see_no_evil:


Yes, just make sure to hit 400-450 prizes in events and you should have it no problem. You’re making great progress!



Where about can I check how many energy packs / inner fire I’ve got? :thinking:


I think you can send a ticket to support and ask them to tell you. :t_rex:


Check the inner fire by trying to equip one to a dragon


New update , I will be done with the first page of sylven, by the end of this event, so I hope to continue at this pace.


Update, I just finished the first page of Sylven, with this pvp event, now trying to finish the second page as soon as possible. Hopefully I can do it in a month, then I would have a month and half to complete the mythic hunter


You got this bro



Update just started the first row in the second page of the sorcerer , I think I can finish this 2 page in 6 weeks so that would leave me with less than a month to start and finish the mythic branch :tired_face::disappointed::roll_eyes: , umm don’t know if I can make it? Amy opinions?


Dude. How many times you’re going to ask the same question?


Lots… aparently :joy:


It would be funny if the next hunter be pathox 2.0 with all same spell but got 5 towers vine spell instead of white freeze


That’s just unoriginal, man. But I guess it’s a new low for PG to aspire to!


Well this is the PG who thought white cloak wasn’t OP enough so let’s allow the dragon to cast spells AND slow down the dragon AND regen rage at a super fast pace SO it can cast more spells… :man_facepalming:


at least it isnt spindra’s enfeeble yet
and 0 rage + 0 cool down


The safe thing (assuming you don’t need the other prizes to compete) is to save all your sigils and calculate how far you will get now that you finished the discount.

There’s no rush once you finish the discount.


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