Hey there everyone my plat1 team just got atlas, and i noticed there is a gear feature in the forge and it shows stats of “legendary gear”, well how do we go about obtaining the gear? Must we do it through events or is there any way the forge will make it for us?

You collecting crafting material from events and poachers and can then craft gear. Legendary gear is extremely hard to get! And then you have to level it up which takes forever

The rarity of the gear is random. You will likely see many common/rare before you get a legendary or even epic

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Been in atlas since gear crafting started, have not been able to craft a single legendary. Piles and piles of rare and a few epic, but not even a sniff of a legendary.

@xOpsBumbleBee Welcome to Atlas,

Like Breeding and Fortification, you’ll want to save crafting scrolls and elemental shards for Atlas Crafting Events. You can farm elemental shards, but the crafting scrolls are the choke point.

Before you go after legendary, try to get a full set of random quality gear in the element of your best dragon. After you’ve got a full set, choose a single piece of gear, I’d recommend Boots, and during the event, craft them over and over and over again. Eventually, you’ll get lucky.
And when you run out of Crafting Scrolls, you can level gear for Event Points, but I wouldn’t level any gear below Legendary.

Hope this helps!

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