Help me, cant claim prizes!

After the update when i try to claim daily egg tokens and then quit and come back i can claim them again. Same with all prizes. If i collect atlas event prizes and then come back to see them i can claim them again. Same with season branches. Could someone please help me ? Is there a fix for this ?


Uninstall and reinstall… usually fixes things up :kissing_heart: PG’s solution to everything :joy:

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There is a lot of issues reported and it is partially due to 5.30.1 or just 5.30


I logged out and logged back in through settings. Worked for me.

You will need to know your username and password for your WD account.

Take a screen shot of your pocket ID, do not share your login information or pocket ID with anyone outside of PG support. This is a back up incase you have any issues logging back in and need to contact support for assistance.

Even then, issues reoccurs. There will need to be another update, everything is a mess right now with syncing.

I couldn’t claim any prizes and now Atlas season has ended, so cool


The same problem had happened to me in my main account a few days ago. This occurs due to your internet or also it can be because of the new update. Has it been going on for many days? If so then check if there is very good connection in other apps that needs internet. If the internet is working good in other apps then it will not be

If the tip mentioned above still does not work, uninstall and reinstall. Keep in mind your pocket id or take a screenshot so that you don’t forget the login info back once you reinstall war dragons again.

I am pretty sure that these tips will work but if it does not then you’ll have to talk to pg about your issue and maybe they might find the appropriate solution for the problem.

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