Help me decide which to pick

If I am not to ascend any of the ascending dragons, which one of the three, excluding the half priced warrior, would have the highest performance potential?

And hopefully with soem explanation to your recommendation. :pray:t2:

*Info to add: I can finish the branch right away, I just need to pick one.

*Another: I finished Barbend last season and was wondering if the other two class would be better than the hunter this season as CF videos of the hunter on youtube against maxed bases with 3 defenders took similar amount of time compared to the other two.

*Adding a poll.

  • Durgotth - Hunter
  • J’elithos - Invoker
  • Telment - Sorcerer

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What I personally look for when selecting a dragon is if it has a defensive spell (preferably a shield over a cloak) and a way to regenerate health. After that it usually just comes down to the types of spells (passive, red, blue, white) and which dragon type I’m most comfortable with flying.
The last couple of seasons I’ve picked hunters, but I’m not too fond of this season’s hunter’s spells. I’m thinking I may go with the sorcerer or the invoker. Since I’ve never flown the latter before, I’ll probably go with the sorcerer. All in all, just comes down to personal preference and what you find is comfortable to fly. :blush:


imo only the sorcerer and hunter should be considered. design-wise i love the invoker tho. the sorcerer and hunter seem to be on-par with each other this season so i think it’s just up to preference at this point

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What’s so bad about the invoker?


well if the invoker is your choice, feel free by all means. i just don’t think he’s got the same sustain and capabilities as the other dragons. he also seems harder to fly.

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Ah, I see. I’m also struggling to pick a dragon to go with, so I’ve been trying to look for different opinions.

Hi all, personally i think that if your going to pick a dragon based on flying and control capabilities, I would have to say that warrior dragons would have to be the easiest dragon as far as being able to control the dragons flight and abilities. But I do find that envoker dragons seem to be rather resilient to most towers as apposed to some. But thats not in every case of course.


HAPPY FLYING :fire::fire::fire::fire:


Added a poll. I care not only the viability of flying against defended bases, but also the speed. That’s pretty much the reason of my hesitation as the hunter this season doesn’t seem to be the obvious fastest choice.

Have you asked your teams input? There might be people on your team with the dragons already. You can always ask to see them in action for yourself and see what pros or cons your teammates with the dragons might have.

The thing is, I play with older members of my family and they are also waiting for an answer too. :see_no_evil:

One of the cousins said to pick hunter, but I don’t trust his answer as he ONLY flies hunters and didn’t give any explanation. :joy:

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If youre in a ta maybe get their input? And since you can really fly with non teammates, maybe see if people from your ta can attack your base? Not 100% it of course, but again then you can see how the dragon flies and then your ta can give you input as well.

But like mentioned above, it all depends on what your comfortable flying.

Based upon past seasons I would get a hunter even if you’re not fond of the spell set. PG tends to recycle old spells with new names, so you may think the dragon’s spell set is more difficult than it is.

I’d personally want to see want makes the sorcerer so popular… because all I’ve been seeing right now is you need exotic and mythic gear to have any chance at touching endgame bases right now plus there mythic and exotic glyphs and one exotic rune. Yes I’m kinda bitter only because the last sorcerer never impressed me for a legendary because it really couldn’t even handle itself until it was at mythic status but even still it struggled. This sorcerer can handle defenders the downside is it starts at legendary and now it’s even harder to judge if I’d like a dragon or not.

I am going to get the sorcerer. Partially because I just want a sorcerer. But:

  1. Has 2 defensive spells with duration and cooldown that can stay continuously active.

  2. Has two offensive white spells that both do 90% HP damage.Washi could do 80% damage, and this took out endgame towers.

  3. Synaptic jolt can hit up to 3 towers for 90%.

  4. Has spell that gains rage and heals.

  5. Several videos are out with Telment getting 100% on bases at ~130 B with 3 defenders. So it can handle defenders, if flown well.

True, it won’t be that fast. But if hitting down a bit, jolt will quickly clear islands.


I can’t decide which I want either. But I am thinking about the invoker. Mostly because I like how it looks xD Otherwise I always tend to gravitate towards the sorcerers. Gonna wait to hear more opinions before making my decision.

all 3 are trash at legendary

maybe invoker at mythic if both exotics

go sorcerer if u can get a mythic but cant get both exotics or dont want to spend too much resources on this season

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I chose the save for next season option.


Picked sorcerer. Thank you everyone!

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