Help me get my eggs please

I waited to breed until today to support the petition asking for changes. At 1pm eat I bred Estril. I got him breedable and the I bred Morthil and Rajin. I had two other harbingers in my roster, Opes and Lokan. So, as any WD player knows while breeding today I accumulated several extra harbinger eggs. Eggs that I need to upgrade but, upgrade token ballon and eventually research. Apparently all the extra eggs have disappeared. I send in a ticket which I receive a response telling me it has been investigated and explaining what extra eggs are and how to get them. I’m thanked for playing the game and wished luck in the event.
Any ideas how I can actually get some help and not lied to? Please… I need my eggs. If it were actually investigated it would show that I earned at least 12 extra eggs.

Breeding estril, morthil and rajin does not give any spare harbinger eggs, just obsidian ones.


I’m using the same scheme. You will get 8 harbinger eggs during breeding Sanguis, and 8 more for Kaze (both are vanguards, but you don’t have to be 360 to breed them).

You could take a look at schemes at, for example. There you could see the amount of eggs you will get.

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