Help me out with my base please!


I need some advice for my base if you have any spare time and patiance to teach me a little bit.

So i have some options ive been thinking of… but need some help to make my mind up😅

I was thinking that i could move my earth flak to where my ice turret is now and use the merge to make it as high lvl as possible. That way have shields from both storm tower and earth flak. Or is that needed?

Or i will transform my earth flak into an ice flak and place it where my ice turret is now.

The last option is to transform the earth flak into and electro flak so that it will boost my dark flaks attack on my kill island- but will it be enough to only have a storm tower as a shield?

In all cases i would move my ice turret back to the island with the three lightning towers(one upgrading atm) and then merge some storage towers and towers on my base i could spare to get the ”new” flak up to lvl as much as i can until next fort.

Or should i do something entirely different?:sweat_smile:

I was going to get you a better screenshot of your base, but here’s a nice one of your alt


Lol, thanks. Thats my sons base🙃 But here is the right one in a better pic! image

At this level I would focus only on 6 combat towers: (2 mages- red + blue) - 1 dark flak - 1 storm or earth flak - 1 ice flak - 1 fire flak or fire turret … put those next to the farms on the long island and remove everything else… and have a rage drain island (all mages)…

Some prefer to have two shield towers like storm and ice turret or storm and earthflak… that can work too instead of the fire flak/turret.

edit: before you decide on flaks, make sure you’ll be able to maintain them at higher levels. if you can’t maintain 3 flaks in the future (check wd-neon for the ember requirements), design your base accordingly :slightly_smiling_face:

So, with the base setup you have the biggest limiter on your building will be the number of elemental embers you can obtain.

Because of that your best bet will be to eventually replace your Ice Turret with an Ice Flak. The reason boils down to two things:

  1. Earth Flaks are good, but their core utility is in sheilding towers. That’s something you can do without spending the limited number of embers you get by using a storm.
  2. Ice Flaks serve a really critical role in base building. Their ability to block spells for a couple of seconds does a lot of work. For one it strips any active boosts that are on the dragon. This includes damage boosts like rampage and sheilds like arcane aegis. In a meta filled with white spells this is a critical ability to have. But it also helps punish dragons that rely on precise timing like hunters. If they miss their spell timing the two second spell block can shut them down.

Not an option, the game won’t let you put them on the same island. You really only need one shield per island, and at this level only one island, so pick one: Do you see yourself spending much money for the best base? If so, go earth flak. If not, the storm tower may win.

Not as good as an ice or fire flak.

This is a good option. The ice flak supershot is very valuable. You don’t mention fire flak, but it’s also a good option.

My one concern is ember supply. You want towers that you can keep upgrading, so check how many embers you have. You shouldn’t commit to a second flak if you don’t have the embers to get it maxed and keep upgrading both flaks for a couple/few forts into the future.

I would consider merging the ice turret into the second flak if you do go with a second flak and if it’s a good merge deal. (Not too much wasted value, not more xp loss than you’re comfortable with.)

Is level 31 the max tower level for your current level?

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Thank you, your answer is very helpful!

I havnt mentioned the fire flak no… please tell me i should go for that? I actually have a mythic fire flak rune, so maybe i should go for that?
Compared to the ice flak option, wich to me sounds good. Is this better?

Atm i got 18k embers.
And yes, lbl 31 is the max lvl of my towers until i hit lvl 106 :blush:

My choice would be the Ice flak over the fire flak, at this stage but you will get different opinions about that.

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Dark and fire flaks pack the most punch. I wouldn’t even go for three flaks tbh. If it were me, I’d choose dark or fire (whichever you have/expect to earn runes from team prizes, etc) and ice. Ice can fire supers from a greater distance, so you can afford to place it a little further back and shield it with other towers.

Avoid fire turrets-- simply not as effective as they used to be. Kill island towers look good, but i would even recommend moving them all back to 1-2 and tucking your ice flak behind with your farms.

Just my $0.02

Go Ice Flak first. Its utility will allow you to beat certain dragons that no amount of extra damage will help. Think about it like this. If the dragon has a white shield (say Arcane Aegis), then no amount of extra damage will help you, the dragon won’t take damage. An Ice flak however will help you take care of that dragon because the super shot removes the shield.

If you want to do something with a fire flak, transform the dark flak into a fire flak, just be aware that you will lose tower levels when you do so. The fire flak deals less damage, but its effect is better at dealing with Hunters and invokers than the Dark Flaks stun. But honestly you are probably fine with Ice/Dark.

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I strongly advise against messing with tower transformation at lower player levels. You risk digging yourself a very, very deep xp hole.

The only transformation i would be doing is the earth flak into an ice, wich would cost me 3335k xp

I have an ice flak/dark flak combo and I love it and recommend it. Fire flak/dark flak does a bit more damage, but i think maybe for a lot of popular dragons the no-spells from the IF super helps more than the half-damage from the FF super.

My mini has ice flak / fire flak, but I haven’t played with it enough to see how it works. Not having to work around the super short range of the dark flak is a little nice.

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How to build a base…i just unlock it but do not know how to build it and how to get the pearl

You get pearls by opening gold chests, especially during fortification events. Pearls are not very common, so it may take a while to find them.