Help me Understand PvP level multipliers

So I tried searching but can’t find a clear answer. How exactly do level multipliers work in pvp events? I’ve noticed that the IF get multiplied by them so am trying to figure out which bases to use the IFs on for the best return of points.

Sometimes I attack a base 50 levels higher, but my multiplier is .98, sometimes I attack a base lower level than me and the multiplier is 1.2. The same level can have different multipliers within the same event and across different events.

Is there some other level this level multiplier is tied to that I’m missing? Please help!


Rough method.

  1. Sort enemy’s player from the highest.
  2. Get 50 numbers from 125 down to 75 (well, that’s 51, but it’s raw method)
  3. Map them.

So it actually has absolutely nothing to do with level?

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Only level order in enemy’s team, not ours.

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