Help me with my base layout pls

Hello forums community.

I need help with my base, I would like to now which towers should I add and which ones I have to put in storage.

Here is my base

Thanks for taking the time on helping me :axi:

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First of all that’s WAY to long for ur lvl

Becoming xxxJLxxx here lol


Yes I know I know, that’s why I came here, advise


I’d merge all the ones into those you are deciding to use honestly instead of putting them in storage. Any new towers will only add xp and lower your overall DP for your level.


You talking about lightning towers or flaks?

Pls hold on I’ll explain give me a few minutes


Also, do you have Screenshots of what your active runes and Glyphs are?

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Take your time mate :grin:


Oh yeah, imma go get them, some of em are old… please don’t attack me lol

Firstly, the only two flaks that are worth building are Dark and Ice, the others are either useless or are inferior to another tower.
Secondly, only build three lightnings. I don’t know the scalings too well but a shielding tower will be worth more than a fourth lightning.

For base layout, only use the long island, islands 4 and 5. The others don’t matter as much at your level. On island 5 I would replace the electro flak with Dark, Fire flak with a shielding tower (so it gets it shield off sooner) and the earth flak with an Ice. On island 4, i would move the red mage to one of the front lightning towers’ positions, that way if the attacker destroys your front one, some towers on island 5 will still be shielded by the red mage on island 4. I would then replace the other most forward lightning tower with a shielding tower, so island five will look like this:
[Shield or mage] [Shield or mage]
[lightning] [lightning]

Shielding towers:
Orrery is the superior one. Put an orrery on island 5, if you have enough rss to build another and keep them both maxed then you can build a second one on island 4. Otherwise just put a spare earth flak or storm tower there, this one doesn’t need to be kept maxed.

If you can keep all 10 towers maxed for your level then do that, but if not then focus on the towers on island 5 and ONE lightning tower on island 4.

Alternatively you could put your Howi on island 4, but i don’t know what the best set up for that would be.

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Step 1.

This is my other accts layout it nearly kills anything I recommend building someone along these lines if you have the rss.

Step 2.

Get a mythic warrior for your perch.

Step 3.

Get Crome he has good skills for tower hp and get ur DP up :arrow_up:

Step 4.

Get runes that match the towers you have and get them max.
I have electric towers so I chose to put electric runes on my 1st/2nd island Because they really good at high lvls :zap::zap::zap::zap:

Step 5.
Boosts. Bace boost and normal boosts. I don’t particularly recommend getting base boost for your lvl unless getting a mythic dragon but something I recommend looking into towards lvl 450+

Press here :point_down:

Towers you should and shouldn’t have ✅❌❔🤔

:x: should not have
:white_check_mark: should have
:grey_question: up to the player

Hopefully this helped a bit feel free to ask if need help with anything forums name same as game so happy to help :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Thank you so much, a few questions, should I replace my mages with arch mages? And, I don’t have an orrery what could replace it?

No there the exact same thing no different so I don’t quite understand the difference of pg even bringing them out


Only put 3 electric :zap: together get rid of 1.
Also merge the earth flacks into orrerys and keep it short. Short kills long dies


Is this a really good layout?

Which is the best mythic warrior for perch? I got all of em up to obsidian.

Couldn’t get Crome :worried: I have defender the green one tho

Semi done, I’m getting out the runes that I don’t I need and I’m also salvaging the ballista storm, archers and cannon ones

I have the normal ones, I could try and get the base boost next season :grin::grin:

Ok, so i merge my flaks into orrerys, all of my earth flaks?

Crom is not restricted to a specific season. If you get 500 blue shards, you can still activate him (and he’s worth it!)


And how do I get said shards?


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