Help me with with seasonal prizes please

Ive tried to search for different keywords in this matter but cant seem to find anything.

I would like to compare the different branches and what prizes to expect. For an example, if i want extra embers which 1 or 2 branches give me the most? If i want extra gold chests what branches do i go for etc.

Is there any information about this?
Thanks in advance

Hello Jimmy,

I’m going to make a suggestion that I hope you don’t take offense to. If you’re sub 200, you should be focusing on getting a dragon to your tier +2 to help you along the way. Ignore the other stuff.

Im level 259 with two seasonal Mythics, Meglok (Maxed elitegear) GIG (75% maxed elite gear).

Im under leveled as im about to get my first Harbringer dragon next breeding event. So im in a good position and wanna plan my gaming thats why im asking the question i do.


The most embers can be found in the base boost line, whereas the most gold chests in rider lines. You may find it more worth it to go with the rider lines, though- opening the extra gold chests in fort can help make up for the ember deficit.


Fair enough - congrats on your progress. I would also suggest the link posted by @BranKingBroken


Thanks :heart_eyes:

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This may help as well courtesy of Mech.


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