Help my to log in to game please

Help my to log in to game please

Can you specify the problem?

Nobody can help you unless you post your pocketgems ID and password here. But I would advise against it.


Hi Allie, if you’d be able to provide some more info about what the issue is / what you’ve already tried we can try to help get you back on.

I don’t know if you have Line but if not it may be a good time to do so and give you a chance to work it out.

@Sha if you ever come here.

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Allie do you have a pocket I’d set up. Please let me know. Also, I will see about contacting pg

I wrote to pg about your issue.
Use the following link
They will try to help you from there

Allie keep us updated here once you submit the ticket on the status of your account please.

maybe try to uninstall and reinstall game.
Hoping you have pocket id setup :crossed_fingers:

Do you know the emails that you have to log in, it so can mark forgot password and re enter a new 1

If he has a forum account, he would have a pocket ID setup?

i tried checking that , no idea but i think she might have pocket id setup if she is on forums since we always have to login on forums to post.

no thank you. don’t go and give such lame ideas . . . even for satire . . .


Bisa Di berikan lebih perinci karena apa tidak bisa log in?

Just a heads up for English speaking players, there is a langue barrier



apakah kamu punya pocketID?

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I’m pretty sure you do need a Pocket ID to get forum access that isn’t through the settings tab (have to log in) so that’s most likely not the issue.

Please help me friend why when i get out of the game. And try to log in again can not even though his email and possword is correct

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Tap I have an account first before inputting Email and Password (Are you indonesian?)

Translate: Pilih I have an account dulu, sebelum mengisi Email dan Password.


I think you need a translator and probably should ask pg for help directly in this case.