Help! No points

I breed 10k egg tokens using autobreed and I have not gotten any points. What has happened?

Nevermind I reloaded the game and it worked

at the start of each event, expect a delay in updating the points.


Before posting on this forums about a “glitch” or problem i always shut the game off, restart my phone, restart the game and re-sync.

i think that it should be one of those mandatory pop ups that you must check off before posting.



Server sync issues happen a lot at the start of the event, hence I appear to have ¯200 sigils right now

P.S. I’m 95% sure this isn’t true :laughing:

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I just did an egg mission and did not receive my reward what do I do?

Did you hit a player that meets the lvl requirements for your egg missions? If a damage mission, check to see if you did enough damage? If something is broken, file a ticket.

I attacked a base, my egg mission was too inflict 575k damage with Ankor and other was to defeat 3 bases with Avyx. I used Ankor and Avyx on the same base and after I beat the base I went back to check how much more damage I need to inflict and everything was the same then I said let me close and reload the game and still nothing.

Check your egg missions. In the top right, in orange, it should say ‘Level XX or higher’

Check that the base you hit is above that level.

A silly question perhaps. Did you do all 154k damage with Ankor?

Did the defeat bases update?

This has been my “busy” voicemail greeting for internal calls during the past 5 years.


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Picking up were we left off from last night/this morning. Now only one of the three missions updated that was use Avyx 3 times to defeat a base. So last night I only used Avyx by himself to defeat the base and it updated. I have been online for about an hour now and still have two of the same egg token missions. Use Ankor to inflict 575K damage and its still at 56k from last night and I just used Avyx with my Numen to defeat a base and it completed. However I have 10 dragons on my roster and the new egg token mission that was there when I got online was to sussecfully defeat 6 bases and I just used all 10 of my dragons even if you brake that down to two dragons a bases then I should have 5/6 bases complete it is only saying 3/6 bases there is no way that possible! I don’t think I’m crazy.

As someone asked earlier, are you certain you are attacking a high enough level base to complete the mission? If you click the zepplin to see your missions you’ll see “Earn Breeding Tokens by completing these tasks against opponents level xx or higher”

Where xx is a number - mine is 84

Before attacking, check the base first:

Does it have the tower that you need to do?
Does it meet the minimum requirements?

If it is damage XX using YY dragon, make sure that it is the one doing the damage
If it is defeat base XX times using YY dragon, make sure that the dragon is the last one doing the final blow.

Also, just to be safe, be sure to be the lead attacker.

There are people who complain that their mission isn’t updating, but when you learned about the base that they attacked, it doesn’t have the tower that the mission requires you to destroy.


If you have ember at lvl 1 he is great for completing “defeat x number of bases” missions. Simply mail the base MsMersy (It’s a lvl 119 base with no towers on it) and bookmark it after sending a mail to it. (The base isn’t on a team, so you have to either get it bookmarked via a mail, or having a team mate take you there).

To answer that question the answer is yes it was over the required level.

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