Help please. Is this enough for both 50% off or mythic next season?

This is my first full season. Would like to get some feedback on current saving for next season. Is this enough for Mythic or at least finished both 50% off?

Event Crystal Caves
Number of Chests Opened
Gold Chests: 436
Bronze Chests: 5213
Platinum Chests: 100
Draconic Chests: 490
Sigils 33559.57

It will get you very close to having enough to complete base boost and discounted dragon branch assuming all cost and season structure stays the same. You’ll get 33k sigils and you need about 39k to complete both. Best of luck and happy flying.

The plats are iffy in that sheet. Not enough for full data. I usually just leave them off my calcs and treat them as a bonus.

But yeah I would think that plus their events and even the chests they then get from the lines will get them over the 2 discounts easily

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Wise and true, Exactly what my brain was thinking too!

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dont forget what you’ll make during the event also, so yea easily 2x discount.

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Thank you all, this is helpful

would you mind sharing this sheet with me pls

I don’t know the one pictured but you can find event chest drops in the spreadsheet vault

check the link,
Spreadsheet Vault by Cat

Click link waterloo posted above then find event chest link. You can insert your chest numbers into the excel sheet and get all the info you need😊

Also that’s a direct calculation so it’s not always accurate no matter what chest you open but luckily 100 gold chests would net you at least 2k sigils, 1k bronze possibly nets 1k sigils or less possibly… I haven’t studied bronzes a lot but I do know a set amount of 1k would get you at least close or in the range of at least 1k sigils maybe even over that probability. While I barely know an estimated amount for Draconics but it’s probably at least half of a 100 dracs could get you at least 1k or under because I believe Draconic chests, platinum chests, and bronze on occasions are a little janky sigil drop wise.

But if I said something wrong be free to correct me but I however do remember someone saying 100 gold chests is the equivalent of 2k sigils.

10k bronze chest will give u more than 14k sigils


Hmm so what exactly is the estimation for 1k?

Between 1k - 2k? Or smaller?

i have gotten 14k from 9k bronze

Didn’t you just tell us you got that amount from 10k? Or are you just lying to yourself?

To play it safe, I would disregard the plat chest sigils. You only have 100 of them and plat chests have extremely high variance. Most of the platinum sigil average (60ish per chest) comes from mythic sigil drops - without getting a mythic sigil drop I would say the average would be closer to 30-40 sigils per chest.

Same thing for draconics but draconic sigil average is much lower (25ish per chest)

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14k/9k is a ratio of 1.55 sigil:1 chest. Average ratio is 1.34 sigil:1 chest. So I suppose not impossible, but would involve starting and ending at an extremely sigil-heavy streak for epic drops. Sigils in bronze chests come from rare and epic drops, and it must be the epic drops skewing the ratio favorably.

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So that’s why I never really bothered estimating sigils drop amounts per chests with them opposed to gold chests?