Help required bunny in headlights

I am hoping I can get some info from team leaders.
Suddenly found I’m in charge of a team I have no i dea how it happened but crap happens.

Can someone please tell me how to edit the team page.
Thanks for the help.


Hey go to team page scroll down it says ::edit this page:: click on that …there’s also an option to restrict access to the right of it you can set it so only you can edit or anyone can

got an image of everyone taking a step back when asked for volunteers…


Good luck


@FLAKnIceHole thanks dude. Hope I don’t destroy the team to bad😀

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You’ll be fine! Give em Hell Skippy!

Once upon a time I was in your shoes not in this game but in Gow I felt as you do but I rose to the occasion and I’m sure you will too

Firm but fair Skippy - you’ll be fine :smile:

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I could bring my alt there if you you need some help getting the ball rolling

Thanks everyone for the advice and support.

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