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Seen as I am unable to send in a ticket, I have no choice but to send in a notification via the forums.

Could you please investigate this matter, I have a player who I attempt to revenge but I am unable to as I receive a notification that the player has been banned. This is extremely frustrating. Could you please feed back as soon as possible.

Use this if you are unable to send in a ticket in game. (At the bottom there’s a Contact Us button.)

I had this same issue and submitted a ticket. Support told me it takes 2 weeks of inactivity for the game to remove a banned player. I may have the ticket in my email for a screenshot if you’d like. They said it’s a known glitch but they can’t do anything about it at the time being.

Jesum (wardragons)
Feb 1, 6:05 AM PST

Hello Papabeef ,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m sorry for the trouble you’re having with your war. It is true that inactive players are being automatically expelled from the team. However, the game won’t expel the players if they still have some activity level left in their status. This is exactly what you’re experiencing. We’re currently finding ways on how to improve this system, so please bear with us as we resolve this. I understand that this could potentially affect your team’s progress negatively, but an immediate resolution won’t be possible for us at this time. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Once again, thank you for your understanding. If you have further questions, or if you need help with other issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

No I’m banned from contacting admin via in game mail. As I was unable to remain civil.

So any issues I have I will have to post on forums.

The issue isn’t because he’s been booted from my team. The issue is this player is able to attack me and when I try to revenge attack I am met with the message above. So I am unable to attack the player

It’s worth trying, and you can input an email address other than what you have set for your PocketID. Forums just aren’t really a great place for things like this.

It does the same for me. But if he attacked you 2 hours ago… :man_shrugging:t3:

We’ve run into the same issue during wars with sometimes several players on a team we got the same message. Obviously he has access to his account if he’s attacking and multiple times no less so this seems like way more than an inconvenience… so they can at least potentially attack during a war but can’t be attacked anyone see the HUGE issue here?

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