Help team sandbagging us

Theres this team that keeps dropping leagues after pvp to steal me and my teammates precious supplies during the wood and egg event. How can it be fair that we must face such a powerful opponent! I know this because they drop to our league for those events every time but the week after they have moved up leagues again! Then the cycle is repeats. This behavior should not be allowed pg! I hope you will read this and fix it for me and my teammates

they’re probably getting kicked down because they can’t do the pvp? why do you think it’s a personal attack on your team?

I honestly don’t think that an entire team is dropping leagues specifically to steal supplies from your team.

For one thing, being in a higher league doesn’t keep them from hitting your team. All they have to do is look your team up in the meeting hall and attack from there.

Or bookmark you.

But honestly, I don’t see how this is an issue to be sorted by PG.


Why would the villains keeps returning to the painful defeat every week if they are lose. This cannot make sense

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then do some more wars. move up in the leagues and move on.

Sandbagging is really not a transitive verb. :joy:


I’m surprised they land in your exact league each time. There are numerous leagues at the lower levels. Maybe you’re not being entirely honest?


You must have a lot of resources . . . What league are you in? (Asking for a friend :smiling_imp:)

Me thinks you are using the wrong kind of bagging…

Why does it matter if they farm you during breeding?

Food to level up to breeding for new ones? :woman_shrugging:

How is one supposed to concentrate on breeding when one is getting sandbagged?


Maybe the attacks make them feel impotent?

To bring it back on topic, just ignore them and spend your resources faster.

How many times are they hitting each of your team over any given weekend? What league are you in?

I am in a good league with strong teammates :hugs:

And masterofjuno they steal our food when we are trying to evolve our new babies

How many times do they hit each of you over the weekend? They must be hitting each of your team 40-50 times for this to be an issue right?

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I also wonder why a team would have to drop down leagues for this, they can just as easily raid you from any other league. This story doesn’t really work out.


Can’t help but think of this comic :rofl:



And I am sure you have not hit any players to steal their food, right?^^

Even if the story doesn’t add up entirely, I’m more interested in why a team keeps moving back up to the same league after getting beat back in pvp every other week. Assuming that part is true, that is.

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