Help with a bullying player


Hello, I’ve become a victim of a player who became inactive and lost team members that joined my team. They asked a person unfamiliar with the situation to attack my team with her many alts, if anyone knows this person and can ask them to stopinwould apprecaite it. It is someone’s who once declared war on XP team. Here are the accounts, FallenMomWingz, FallenAshWingz, FallenWing2,

Thank you


So you’re asking the forum to bully someone because you think you are being bullied? Try contacting support, this probably doesn’t belong on the forums.

And up in Sapphire league? Hang on, lemme grab some :popcorn:


You can report the player, block the player, or you can ask your team members for backup and unleash hell… that’s what a team is for, to have your back in this situation.


As DarknessShines has written is a few options availiable. Asking the forum to do what they are doing to you to them, is not the best use of the forums.

Closing Thread.