Help with Assault Blue 6

So I am stuck on Blue 6 and I have all lineage dragons maxed except for Numen. I go with dodo, Chunk and Etzel as my strat was to dodo through the base until I die, then chunk brute forces and belly flops when on low health. Etzel does the rest. Dodo and Chunk have summon, Etzel has invincibility

Can either use drude or chunk to kill mages, then clean up with etzel using fireball

So drude and chunk first with Etzel to cleanup, will try that now

Nvm I get 75% now

Once you clear all the mages (more so red ones) it should be semi easy. Granted my chunk has all mythic runes and bad gear so it isn’t exactly fair lol

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Lol I have no more fireballs left

Should be doable without it, you just need to be careful with rage

Still can’t get past final island

This might help or give you some ideas Blue assault 6 Video

Personally I just skip it, but I’m not very active anymore and don’t have patience for these things :joy:


The easiest way …


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