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Ive never really used a breeding path. I am just curious what is the best route I should take? I like Hunters so The ultimate goal is Noc.
I found a path Red made that actually was right where I was…I have seen them a lot I know they are gnarly plans but I wasn’t sure if following this path would be the fastest way or if there is dragons I can cut out & come back for? Because I think the path was based around Icicle? Maybe not idk but I would like the route that is the fastest (least dragons) & cost less Tokens (Ikr? :joy:)

Anyway I have all Platinums except Rizar and as far as Sapphire I have Sekhem, Anapa, Apophet & I have 135 frags already on Chompa…
The plan there was use Chompa to get me into Garnet (Renard)

Finish- Chompa

Chompa & Apophet = Renard

Apophet & Anapa = backbreed Rizar

Quartz & Rizar = Iteru

Iteru & Apophet = Jul (2nd Garnet)

Jul & Apophet backbreed Hauhset

Sekhem & Hauhset = Frostbiter

Frostbiter & Jul = Gorgonus (backbreed)

Gorgonus & Hauhset = Ursa

Ursa & Jul = Icicle

Jul & Icicle = Ferga

Icicle & Renard = Kyrule & Maheaten

Kyrule & Ferga = GloomClaw

Ursa & GloomClaw = Pyrochis

Pyrochis & Kyrule = Stormheim (Zaru)

Pyrochis & Stormheim = Deci

Deci & StormHeim = Noc & A&A?

So basically 15-16 dragons until Noc? From where I’m
At is this the best route? Best Route to me is fastest & least Tokens…

Thanks for any help!


The order looked familiar, and Red’s Icicle 3 path in the Icicle tab is in the same order, so I’m thinking that works as confirmation :slight_smile: . Icicle 4 would save you 31k tokens by skipping Frostbiter and using Quetz x Kaiju for Gorgonus, though Frostbiter can be useful for its Crumble to Dust, Crystalline Shield (absorbs 7 projectile hits & reduces beam damage by 50%), Cloak, and Ice Turret Resist.


From a glance, what she said.

Yes it is Icicle 3 what I recently started on. Really wish I would have started on a path months ago I probably would have saved a fortune in tokens :pensive:

Soo the only difference where I’m at is on Path 4 you breed Gorgonus earlier on for more tokens but you can skip Frostbiter which will save you 31k Tokens?

Frostbiter looks fun but I might jump on to Icicle 4 I can always come back and breed him :+1:

Yes, 4 shifts everything up from 3 due to bypassing Frostbiter. Also, if you’re spending to speed through breeding, then there’s also less of a point in getting a garnet dragon, but it’s useful for me (pace of one or two a month) :smiley:

Backbreeding Frostbiter would have to wait until Stormheim (also get Zaru) or Noctua (also get A&A). Pair Zaru or A&A with Icicle, and that’ll get you Frostbiter for 15,555 tokens.

Thank you very much :grin: & you to for the plans Red :+1:
I actually do not really spend. I did 5-6 months ago but stopped usually on spend on elite account every now and then a value pack…
But yes I am trying to speed through (without spending) So I would definitely want to skip FrostBiter to come back & backbreed him later on. Even though his spell set does look fun :grin:

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