Help with breeding please

so i have bred rhyo and am getting him/her breedable. according to breeding guide, i can do rhyo and noctua for opes and rhyo and hedran for estril

to get hedran i have to still
incubate xenot(xenot and slax gives me hedran)

then estril and opes for raijen…

my question is, wat if i did not want raijen as my first mythic in harb tier? i wanted destar… is that a choice? or whats best?


If you wanted Destar you would have had to breed Girasol first and do a Destar path after you got Stormheim, not a Rajin path.

You’re kind of passed the point of no return unless you find a way to get Shezard and Wydrian but it’ll probably be costly.


Destar unfortunately was ruined by the ice flack so getting him above the others shouldn’t be a priority. If you just want him for a perch dragon then there will be back breed options available later on in your path

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ahh man i c , ya i wanted him for fun gameplay but dont want something that can not tank anymore

thanks, ya i figured i messed up sumwhere there lol. i went for noctua first i guess thats why i ended up on rhyo

Ice flak has limited Destar and Jorms reach for sure.


ti suggerisco ciò che mi hanno suggerito :wink: @die


here i was thinking maybe soon a normal breeding drag that i can enjoy. i guess i stick to the seasonals until maybe itzani and so… maybe by that time those will be completely worthless too

One of the advantages of being at end game is getting to play with the dragons when they are viable.

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disadvantage is all that $ lost. never will i drop a dime on the game. like all multiplayer games which were extremely better than this one, came to an end in some time.

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