Help with improving base :)

Hello! I need some help, I want to know if I can in any way improve or make my base stronger,

This is my base and (new to this site) should I move anything around? Should I add anything? Should I take anything away? I just want some help to boost my defense and make my base more formidable and defensible. Thanks for reading and help! (Hope I posted the picture right lol)

Focus on getting 10 max towers, at your level the dragons are very strong and can take 5 towers most of the time. All the towers you have good, might want to consider moving to a 10 tower kill island on the middle long or on the furthest.

Overall you have the makings of a good base, just keep leveling. Focus on rider gear and runes and you will see a huge difference.

Also I assume you have a lot of stuff in storage, since those towers should be level 80 at your level. It might be worth looking into your merging options to get at least your front 5 to a proper level.

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Ok I will. Thanks!

Ok thanks for the help and tips. Will try it out.

Could you possibly tell me how merging works? I’m confused on that and the -XP. I don’t understand how the Xp on merging works. Well I don’t understand how merging works at all. and I don’t understand how to do it lol

Smart to ask first, because the xp thing especially is important to understand.

The basic concept of merging is that you sacrifice one or more of your towers, to add levels to another tower. You do this by clicking “upgrade” on the tower you want to improve, and then use the “merge” tab on the left.

Doing this will have a “required XP” listed. This is the amount of XP you will “lose”. You won’t ever go down in level, but the xp lost will be added to the amount you need to go up in level again. This amount can be quite significant.

For example, you currently need 60k xp more to go up a level. You do a merge where you lose 800k xp. You now need 860k xp to go up again, which means quite a bit of building without leveling.

The xp loss has to do with the “quality” of towers. If you try to upgrade an expensive tower like a flak by sacrificing a cannon tower, you will lose a lot of xp. If you use another flak, the loss will be much lower. To try out different combinations easily to see what would happen, you can use a tool like the one on my site:

Ok. Thanks I understand it now. I will now start merging a little thanks again for explaining!

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Do you have a defensive rider/gear/atlas access? Maxing a set of elite/mythic defensive gear and getting a good defensive rider will do wonders for your base as well.

Yeah I do, also thanks for the info.