Help with re-designing base ⚒

Can ya’ll help @Renee1017 re-design her base? I tried helping but I’m not an expert. @Coach. @mechengg

Thank you! :tulip:

I’ve found these building guides to be incredibly helpful. Mech’s is more detailed IMO but I personally use Coach’s sorry mech :sweat_smile: :t_rex:

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Yes but she’s having the issue of leveling when she builds. She build some red mages and it bumped her up some levels. :persevere:

Edit: Maybe they can help her design the strongest base possible with what she already has … give her a framework to flesh out.

I’m no expert, but the first thing I would do would be to move those farms to the back. Having them in front gives attackers room ro gain rage.


There’s a “Fixing your current base” section in Mech’s document but other than that I’m not sure what to do… she might need some custom help. I’m in no way an expert :t_rex:

Honestly 6M boosted defense at level 190 is going to be next to impossible to come back from until you hit level 350+.
As hard as it is to swallow, this is the truth here.


She has more towers that are stored and can pull them out …

Please help Mech. Promise to send you another special pic :kissing_heart:

Her base before … she has lots of towers

Just curious: why level 350+ and why is it so hard to come back from at this time? :t_rex:

Ouch! No red mages? Storm towers beside each other? I would focus on 1 tower and go from there.

Edit: to elaborate, get 1 tower to max building level, then a mage to max building, then a second tower to max building, and so on. Every time you reach a new building level, you increase that first tower, and go down the line again.

The problem isn’t the amount of towers, it’s the level of said towers. Her highest level tower is 35 when they should be in the 45ish range.

I mean she can certainly follow my guide and get an optimal layout for her current towers, however there should be no expectation of having a base that will withstand raids from level 130+ players that have any skills.

As for L350, that’s a random figure I threw out there. It may be more along the lines of 320 or something but either way it’s very very far away.

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Come on Mech. Just throw out your thoughts for a new layout for Renee with what she has … hand draw it on paper and put a pic of it on here if you wanna. Nothing fancy needed. :upside_down_face:

This is my advice. Sorry i do not have the time to put into custom layouts these days, and honestly this base will not benefit from a more custom layout then what is in my guide

Pro Tip: Level them all to 60. That should fix it.



You trolling on my post :face_with_monocle:. Maybe I should tell Jared we don’t need to know about the dragon rollout timing anymore. :wink:

He isn’t wrong though :man_shrugging:t3:


The best I can think of …

I appreciate everyone’s opinion… I did read the guide. I have rearranged my base so hopefully at some point I will be able to level up enough to have a decent defense.

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