Help with re-designing base ⚒


I can’t see the lightnings doing much good—they’re just not really great towers. Second island before the den ideally needs mages. That’s all I can think of :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


Really? I’ve been keeping mine cause I’m low on embers. What should replace them? :thinking:


I would consider switching the short island layout with the very first island the attacker would reach.


Storm to protect the others, esp. the DF. Not sure about the other spot. If you’ve got Ice Shards, perhaps an Ice Turret?
Good to keep the Blue Mage in the front, as well as the DF.


Well, here’s the special pic anyways. :wink:



Thanks! It’s horrifying.


@Renee1017 unfortunately Mech is right. Even my alt’s level 125 base is better than this. You’ve just built too many towers and thoroughly over-levelled.

As Mech said, your towers are way too low level. They’re practically useless. Certainly even at my level (165) I can single shot every tower on your base. That’s the hard truth I’m afraid.

Best options?

  1. Restart - that’s going to be the best way you can build a good base. It sucks but there it is.
  2. Put everything away, follow Mech’s building guide and focus on levelling 5 towers ONLY from now until you’re in the 300s.

Either way it’s going to be a hard slog - you choose the path.


I don’t feel I’m entitled to give any advice, but when I decided to follow Mechengg’s guide and shorten the base I forced myself to think if the towers are doing no harm it’s the same if I put them away. It might look easier to defete if you do that but it doesn’t really make a difference. And when I left a couple of towers I thought could be leveled in the future I couldn’t stop myself from leveling them to make it to the next prize tier on fort. So I stored them too. Could be better to just make it like the guide and focus on the 5 instead of trying to make use of them


You have very nice handwriting lol


Lol true. Mine looks like a drunk seagull picked up a pencil and kept falling face-first into the paper.


Thanks… I did the building guide. We will see if that helps.


It will take a while, but stick at it. Remember, only 5 towers! No more!


I had the design of making the front of the island the strongest before but found it harder to defend because I didn’t get time to do much before the towers were decimated. Super slow reflexes … it’s a blessing and a curse. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I got a base guide for you going straight to the point:

Dark flak
___ current best Tower

Until you have a set of 5 reaching max level towers this is going to be the setup you will have. No secret mojo, nothing fancy in base building. It’s the above layout or money.

I kinda like my guide :eyes:


Very good Tony! :joy:


I’d change that storm to a cannon or that dark flak to an ice flak because necryx is still a thing


They are currently the strongest meta, though, and Necryx is still as of now the only dragon with elemental barrier. It’s a toss-up- no base can be undefeated by any dragon and Renee probably needs to have a defensible base before she can even start worrying about any specific dragon :///


That’s terrible advice… :man_facepalming:


Thanks everyone!


Ok first off, it’s not just Necryx that has elemental barrier, Nier has it too. Secondly, I’d pick a cannon, because other shields exist and are frequently used. There are still plenty of players who have a Sage or Tarand with every evolution stone. And finally, the Recycled Shield Breakers research gives +3 supershots with every shield broken, another invaluable tool against all the players who main with warriors. And let’s face it, with a base setup like this, you can bet there will be a lot of warriors trying to fly through.