Help with re-designing base ⚒


You can put your cannon where your storm tower will protect it. But if you have an underleveled storm tower, it won’t protect the vital towers needed to kill the attacking dragon, because it will be the easiest thing to take out.


This speaks more to your player level than showing your profile with stats lol


The issue with that is you make your entire base weaker in order to deal with two dragons. That set up doesn’t even guarantee anything in the case it’s against a necryx.

Any flier worth his salt would spot the cannon and just let the super shot go through before shielding . Or just sand the damaging towers like the flak and Just blow the cannon up. He doesn’t need the shield if the damaging towers get turned off.

The storm makes it so the entire island is protected, including the flak, mages plus the other damaging tower. I’d much rather know that the follower has to deal with a full health island with mages and damage intact than getting a few extra super shots.

Cannons honestly aren’t worth worrying about on kill islands because they are so easy to play around and just do so little damage. There are just flat out better options

That and you need to be careful specing against warriors. Destar is one of the few warriors worth worrying about compared to the hunters that are out there.


OK @Sam you win. I took a look at the profile and it needs a nudge (read: fairly hard shove) in the right direction.


My recommendation (with caveats)

Caveats being:

  • I forgot to include a rage drain, i recommend having one if you don’t have atlas
  • Riverwatch perch should NOT have a dragon unless you have Atlas and good gear to buff your towers
  • Level only your dark flak, storm, blue mage, red mage on the front half of your first island ONLY
  • If you don’t have 50k+ embers saved up, forget about leveling your fire flak and trade it for your L31 ice turret instead which is much easier to keep leveled to max level. DECIDE RIGHT NOW WHICH ONE TO USE AND DON’T SWITCH BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN THEM EVER AGAIN.
  • Your small island with the flaks/fire turret/mages will become obsolete/useless/actually detrimental in the next little bit, once your farms are level 44+ move them to the small island instead to prevent attackers from using this island to build up rage due to low level towers
  • You need to pick it up on your breeding path and don’t level until you are into garnet dragons at a bare minimum. It looks like Kelvin is still on your top 3 dragons list and that scares the fck out of me to be honest. I am a L209 currently with emeralds, you should be in garnets near the icicle build before you even think about leveling your base again. Or you will run into issues of not even being able to hit anywhere near your level for resources/wars. If you look at my Necryx, he has 238M boosted attack power currently at L209, Kelvin maxes out at what, 10M or something?

Either way i hope this wasn’t too harsh, but harsh enough to give you a wake up call/reality check on where I think you need to go with your base design


To elaborate:

I’ve just jumped on the computer to plug some numbers in based on the following criteria:

  • Base layout stays the same
  • There are no other “upgrades” that the OP does that are not identically this path
  • The OP can keep dragons and breeding up to snuff while leveling, therefore always have the required builders hut
  • I consider “caught up” at this point to be 5 full level 60 towers, which would be the approximate end game point to consider.

The numbers give me level 299 at this point. I’d go a bit further and say that i’d want a few more towers at the back to be leveled as well before considering the base fully caught up and somewhat competitive, which would bump this level up to 310 or 315 or if you want a full long middle full of 60s (for higher level play) you are looking at L326

I hope this expands on where i am coming from when i throw out numbers like that. Some times i actually crunch the numbers, sometime i go based off of gut instinct from playing around with the fort planner so much, but i should always state my assumptions when doing so.



In this case, shouldn’t Neptus in 2nd perch be removed?


Who has neptus on a perch? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But yes i doubt the OP has atlas and gear to buff up the long middle island at this point, so should avoid putting a dragon on the Riverwatch perch at this time. Maybe in the future once she gets Atlas and crafts some good legendary gear would it make sense to leave the perch there as an anchor for war but drastically increasing tower levels as well.

Also, crap i forgot about a rage drain, but that is easy enough to add with leftover mages


Wut :flushed:




Oh. I always forget about that more detailed view of the base i always just go off the top view of the base. That is definitely not a dragon i’d put on a perch.

Thanks for pointing it out, it does shed more light on this persons spending habits, so there is a good chance that she can obtain the embers to keep the fire flak where ive recommended it.





This isn’t her first request xD


I was not saying I would use cannons because of Necryx or Nier, I was correcting this statement

Not every flyer is worth his salt, and since the setup would include a red and blue mage tower, if he didn’t shield, then he wouldn’t have the rage to shield anymore. And if it was a Necryx, the dark flak could stun him so he only uses sand once before being hit by mages again.

If an attacker isn’t able to at least destroy the storm tower, then they’re attacking too high to begin with. But there are still ways to deal with this setup, and yes, one of them is Necryx. A disabled tower is practically the same as a destroyed tower.

The cannon isn’t there to deal damage anymore than a storm tower is, they both work as an assist type tower. And again, not every player is worth his salt, so I’m not expecting every attacker to be able to “play around” even if this was the case.

I’ll say it again, other shields exist on both hunters and sorcerers.


Yup. First pic was a topless, thong-clad one. :smirk:


Thanks for coming through Mech :hugs:


The easiest to fix any base: put your highest level tower of dark flak, ice flak, blue mage, red mage, storm on the small island then ONLY level them up until you can no longer level them up.
after that level up builder/storage to max at your level can be and begin to level up the small island again until you can no longer level up
extra: perch warrior dragon boost

the defend strategy: take out 4 rages by 2 mage shot, break any shield with ice flak, buying time for flak to shot with storm while healing spamming


Why would you plan around people not worth their salt? But if he manages to sand the flaks he doesn’t need to shield. That’s the thing you have no protection for mages if you get a cannon. It makes any follow up so much easier.

But that’s the point. You move focus away from mages and damage dealing towers so that followers still have to deal with them. Outside of breaking very rare white shields I don’t see how a cannon offers more than this.
Though I do agree a sanded tower is usually as good as gone.

I get that but the thing is I really don’t see when a cannon offers more overall than a storm. Cannons are only here for blowing up shields. Storms block damage and force players to switch focus. This shield will normally last just shy of most white shields.

And again I don’t know why you plan against the weaker players and not the stronger. Yes not every player is amazing but surely the defence should be aimed the other way I mean if they are weaker they shouldn’t take your base most times, especially defended.

I’m not really sure how this is relevant. That quote was regarding warriors inc destar. Not sorcerers and hunters shields.


I’ve extended my base so i can take advantage of boosts from both perches.
I used to just have mage drain on 2nd perch but thought it was a waste!

There’s plenty of good successful layouts but one thing that is not in any of them is having your farms up front!
That’s not good in any way!
Your allowing attackers to gain all that stolen rage back off those farms!


Where’s your ember? :scream:


I swap him for necryx for rss missions. Must have been that time lol