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I’m a level 72 player currently in Gold I (or will be soon), and got Gunnar to Garnet and Bjorn’s first page this season. I’m moving to an Atlas team and eventually will get some riders. I already have the hunter rider from Atlas. After I get the two gold chest prizes on Gunnar’s page, should I spend any remaining sigils on Astrid, or should I use it for Gunnar’s Obsidian stone?


Do to the gold chests around emerald stone for sure! So many gold chests at that corner, would be a shame to miss it. No advice beyond that. misread and though you said you already got Astrid first page.

Get Astrid first page and then work towers Gunnar’s Gold chests

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Astrid first page. The rest goes to Gunnar (if any)

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I’d save all sigils from now until the very last day of the season. Then you can see what’s the total amount of sigils you can spend, and then decide if you have enough for Astrid and some for Gunnar or maybe other way around, or you’ll have right enough to balance them.


Is astrid really that good? I havent spent my sigils yet still deciding :sweat_smile:


Astrid is a fairly solid offensively rider in her own right; the most important part of the above suggestions though is first page only, given that OP will soon be able to craft Atlas gear that is far superior to Astrid’s own.


Don’t forget to weight at the end, in case you have rubies, how many super sigils chests you need to spend for the gold chests prizes before obsidian stone on Gunnar Vs how many gold chests you would buy with the same sigils in comparison

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