Help with ticket needed,please

My teammate been doing mega attack,while msg about new items on account popped out and kicked him from the game,so his attack have been ended
He put the ticket number 1149401
And support person offered 5 energy packs and 1 inner fire as compensation
Any chance to fix this?
Wasn’t his fault that game kicked him
And it’s not even enough to buy 100 energy
Thank you in advance
@Arelyna @PGJared

PG should be able to tell from the logs if the game abruptly ended while doing a mega attack. Sounds like support not wanting to dig a little deeper

You tagged the right person - give him time to investigate

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Are you 100% sure it wasn’t a super attack? 5 energy packs and 1 inner sound like a super attack offering. Is it the way he worded it perhaps?

Just asking the questions :slight_smile:

No,support person explained it that,since he failed,he still get some points from this mega attack
So support person though that this compensation will be fair

Obviously it’s no ones fault,but a bad timing
At the same time my teammate also had no chance to prognose that game will kick him

:thinking: Other people who’ve lost mega coins have received a mega coin in return - wonder if the logs or something else were different for your teammate. It also seems to vary by which agent you get too…

Since you get half points in a failed mega attack, 50 energy and 10 inners seems to be a more fair compensation than 5 energy and 1 inner.

I had a teammate follow me on a mega and he got a restart required this kicking me and him from my mega coin. They didn’t rectify the situation I feel fairly or adequately. I sent a response to the ticket which has yet to have been answered.

You would think that would make sense

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