Helpful and short info and links on main forums page please

I think it would be nice to have a space above categories to have some helpful information and links. Preferably in bullet format, so it is easier to find and not so long people won’t want to read it. I would like to see:

  • Please search for a topic before writing about it. There may already be an answer or live discussion.
  • (insert link containing frequently made topics and their answers?)
  • The people who fix the game are not the same people who make new content, so not adding new content will not help something get fixed faster.
  • (insert link of employees functions and their tags)
  • You can contact moderators by using @ moderators (but minus the space of course. I just didn’t want to bother the moderators.)

I’ve seen a lot of people start duplicate threads for topics that are already answered or currently being discussed. I’ve also seen a lot of comments saying that we should fix the game before adding new content. I personally would like a faster way to find the link to the employee functions and tags. I’ve also seen lots of people tag individual moderators instead of just using the tag for all of them.

If you have any other suggestions, please comment with them; but also remember that we should keep this section short, so people will actually read it lol. I know you’re supposed to read forums, but people tend to hate reading instructions and such.

I agree but when you post a new topic (at least in a desktop browser) “similar” topics (keywords really) do show to the right. They just get ignored I think.

They also show up on my iPad, but I think people tend to ignore them. People today I think are too used to blocking out something that looks like an ad or pop up lol.

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Why do you think this is true? Sure it’ll be a different group manning support, but if there’s bugs to fix I’d be astonished if they had an entirely different team of developers doing it. That’d be a terrible way to set up a dev team.

I have gotten the impression that there are different sub-teams working on different parts of the game, but I expect they’d also fix bugs in the bits they work on.

I’m sure they can fix bugs in the bits they work on, but they don’t work on current bugs. I forgot who told me they are two different groups, but from a business stand point, it would make sense to have separate groups. Btw, I’m using the word group like you use the word sub-team I think.

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