Helping teammates


hello everyone .
i have a suggestion about helping teammates in this game . what you think all of you if we can send between teammates potions , spells , speed time and any other things what can help other in growing up ? … from my point of view is a good idea .
what do you think ? please comment with, if you like this idea to gave it to PG .

All My Respect !

Kind regard s!

aanebunu2 - #Heroisme Team


Hello and welcome to the forums,

As lovely as that would be, the security risk is too great. Try searching the forums for more discussions!


I can’t recall where it was said and I don’t feel like tracking down the quote. Basically you can’t share resources with team mates because the game security isn’t strong enough to stop hackers.

Would players get banned if they received goods from a hacker? That would be pretty awful but at the same time NOT banning them means a hacker could use a throw away alt to give their team mates unlimited goods (kind of like money laundering).

Until security is such that such hacks are impossible no sharing resources :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Closing the topic because this has been asked many times. As @TheRedDelilah suggested, please use the search function to see if a similar topic had already been discussed before you open a new thread.