Helps .. Runes and Gliph for Namaka

Can someone helps me for know wats the best runes for Namaka, and for know if the glyps Mythic from Pathox work in Namaka ?

Pathox’s mythic glyph does:
Increase spectral form cloak duration
Increase crippling chill damage

Since Namaka has neither of these spells, Pathox’s mythic rune won’t work for her. You’ll want to use the runes and glyphs from Namaka’s line, and rage runes. Any class specific rune (Hunter, warrior, or sorcerer attack or HP runes) WILL NOT WORK on Namaka, since she is an Invoker class.


You can however, use non-class specific runes, like the ones from Neptus, Leos, etc. They increase dragon HP or attack, not a certain class.


Her options are pretty limited. Obviously her own runes and glyph. Then Rage. Then there are a couple out there that boost generic stats like Kirin’s mythic rune and Nollaig’s mythic glyph boost dragon HP up to 6%. All of Leos’ runes boost dragon HP. Neptus’s mythic rune boosts dragon attack. Im not sure if there were any others than those ones. Outside of that… wait until next season and see if they bring any other invoker themed runes out

I dont really get why they brought out a mythic of the new class without also supplying support boosts for it. It seems completely illogical that Sophia wont have an invoker class skill in the next atlas season. Only logical reason (pfff, I know, logic has no place here) is that they dont want to commit too much towards the class right now because Namaka is basically a beta test and they arent sure yet if they’ll continue on with the class or dump it.


It shouldve been released as the discount dragon this season, more people getting their hands on it and more feedback. And PG already warned us they might change the dragon, so not that many players are willing to take the risk of getting it as a mythic. (Unless they plan on getting both mythics anyway).


They might change the dragon?

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Yes, as in buff/nerf “if” necessary of course.

But “change” is like what they did to UVS when they changed his “Rampage”(2 Rage white spell) Spell to “well of power”(0 Rage White Spell). That’s a change.

Overall that’s the only season divine mythic I ever seen pg “change” a dragon spell, all the other Mythic’s they nerf/buffs them on there statistic descriptions like they did to Surt.

They modified Surt %’s of his spells to make him more balanced then his previous form when he was literally hard to kill.

I agree, Dreth should have been an invoker. Even if they still made Namaka, it would have given pretty much everyone an easy to get sample of the class to fly far more frequently and figure out if they liked it. It just seems crazy and foolish the make the very first one a mythic that few will obtain given that there’s a chance that they could alter Namaka or even ditch the class all together. If you want your new toy to be popular then you need people to get it so make it easier to get at first and then later on jack up the price. This is basic addiction 101, every dealer knows this.

I dont expect them to nerf her but I could see them not bringing out any/much future support if she ends up flopping.


How do you get runes from Neptune, Kirin, or Nollaig when they’re already on the dragon?

Unless you got the dragon and never used them which doesn’t really make sense to me.

  1. Can be asked from support - they might OR might not give you credits for removing runes. Depends on your luck, mood of the support person and in what phase the Jupiter was that day.

  2. Some dragons (most of the half-priced) might be not worth using/runing/gearing coughCoatlcoughGladicuscough especially for people who are going for mythic anyway. So why bothering if later some day these glyphs can be more of use.
    Or if you didn’t get all stones for said dragon, might as well save the runes because you’ll get stuck at some point anyway.


What Anchang said. I got Support to remove Leos’ runes for me a while ago and Kirin’s rune I never bothered using because I only got him since he was half-off. I never even bothered getting his emerald stone and just held onto his runes in case another dragon with Mystic Winds came out. There are plenty of dragons that arent really worth using but have good/useful runes and glyphs. Dragons like Skoll and Hati are a prime example, terrible dragon but their mythic glyph is good for better hunters

What about the different types of resist runes? She has elemental resist passive, would a flak or turret resist rune work on her?



Runes need to match the name exactly. Since Namaka doesnt have dark flak resist there’s nothing for the rune to increase. It’s like hair dye, you need hair first to be able to dye it. Namaka doesnt have any Dark Flak hair


I was hopeful since the dark flak resist from Ano is showing active.
Edit- confirmed it shows due to a visual glitch :sob:

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ok good I wasn’t sure :joy::joy:

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I have legendary wisdom glyph with FIREBALL damage.

Namaka have fireball like Hunter.

This Work?

No. The fireball refers to the spell fireball specifically. It does not refer to the “fireball” that is the hunter class’ base attack, nor does it refer to the base attack of the invoker class.


Okay ! Thanks !

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