Hens Laying not enough eggs

I have used some egg fragments of over 300 today plus egg tokens . I am a level 476 and Abyssal tier. I find the higher the level you climb the harder it is to breed, even if you do egg missions , etc etc. I finally got one mythic this breeding event which felt like this is where the game needs to be implemented on. I refuse to buy eggs when I am a very active player .Need more egg laying hens please!

Do you do the mission bonus branch? My alts are a little beyond you, muddling through Eldritch, and I consider the mission bonus essential. Along with rider missions in Atlas, that usually gets me to where I need to be. This is without the elite bonus - I’ve never spent a penny on my alts.


No I did not use mission branch as to the reason why is because I wish to save sigils to get a event mythic this season.I have 9 keys thus far .I do rider mission and collect as much eggs as. I can.So with that being said the mission branch is probably where the hens roost .

You still get a key if you finish the mission bonus branch.

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I usually finish base branch , rider … Had 19 keys last event .Almost had one . I don’t see it being feasible unless I pay for sigils .Thank you for your help though.

You are now to the point where they cost more fragments. Roughly 600 more than the previous tier. And that is about where the big discount to dragons ends. So you are now paying near full price.

I’m sure someone out there knows the exact discount per tier.

Discount info can be found in wd neon:

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I finally opened tier Artisan, I scared :scream: for the amount of eggs I need, and after that I can focus on research.
I buyed a whole farm of chickens, hope they provide me with enough eggs for next breeding.

Save rubies till end of super sigils so you can get mythic drag easily and do atlas rider missions for eggs