Here there be Dragons! Choose Your Own Adventure: Platinum Super Alliance Edition

This was a lark, never meant to see the light of day. But…Atlas is down and I’ve been very, very bored today. Will you keep your castle or will you lose it? Only you can decide, in your very own super alliance adventure!

Here There Be Dragons

There is a world where dragons rule the skies, where magic works (but mayhem doesn’t), where 50 despotic tyrants form teams for which the sole purpose is to burn :poop: down. It is the world of War Dragons, and you are LimeLikeABoss, an active player on a P3 team with Atlas, looking forward to getting some flying done over the next few hours! Yesss!

When you log in, sixty-two lines of RSS transfers greet you in team chat, but you are sure people are there, and you just saw an invite from TUPACZalive. Knowing that TUPACZalive can’t see emojis, you announce your presence:
LimeLikeABoss: :eyes:
Drag0nFire420: Can someone give me 3 xp runs for a baby dragon
LimeLikeABoss: I can swap 3, R1
LimeLikeABoss: @ Drag0nFire420 I can swap, go ahead.
TUPACZalive: I got you Drag

The invite banner immediately pops up. You do some egg token missions. Drag0nFire420 gets his xp runs and immediately logs off. You think about making a comment that he should rename himself to Vampire420, and decide better of it. Nothing can spoil your good mood! You have a good number of troops to revive, it’s a troop-build event, and you are close to finishing your 5th line in Atlas with 42 days left in the season. Things are going great!

An Atlas defense banner pops up. It’s for Drag0nFire420. You know you should defend, but you ignore it, not thinking anything of it. That jerk is constantly leaving his trapper in Aligane with 70k troops, without mentioning that he has done so.

Another defense banner pops up for Drag0nFire420. Then another. All the attacks are from the same team. “Where is Drag0nFire420 parked?” you ask in chat.

You hit the Atlas button. After three “Failed to load” errors, you get into Atlas, and pan to the castle that gets hit the most. No enemies there. You pan to your next two entry point castles, relieved to find them safe. But more banners are popping up now, for multiple players. No one else seems concerned though…and you still need those xp runs for that baby dragon. You should get those done. You can probably knock out a quest while you do it. But…what about the defense banners?

If you choose to ask for XP runs, go to option 1
If you choose to check and see where the banners are coming from, go to option 2

Option 1

You decide that Atlas isn’t that important. If this were such a big deal, the officers would be on it, right? You go ahead and ask for your xp runs. No one responds, and a moment later, someone else posts an @ group that WestAirTemple is under attack. You figure others have it, and decide to go ahead and do more multipliers on a couple of different dragons. You hit invite, in case anyone wants to join. At the end, you build a set of troops, then send 5 gold transfers to the bank. Then you go back to main game and send 3 lumber transfers to the person that just tagged you in TC.

ObeyMeAlways: @ LimeLikeABoss stop doing XP runs in the middle of an attack!
ObeyMeAlways: @ DragonFire420 you too! WTF guys, come on!
LimeLikeABoss: Sorry! :see_no_evil:
LimeLikeABoss: My Bad. Where are we attacking again?
ObeyMeAlways: :roll_eyes: Not attacking, being attacked.
LimeLikeABoss: Oh right, I knew that :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Ugh. These officers are so stuffy! It’s not your fault you can’t see the coordinates because they scrolled away with all the transfers you just dropped!

Congratulations. You are The Worst.

Don’t worry though. Even though this is literally every Atlas battle, you won’t get kicked because recruiting is so hard for platinum teams that they can’t really afford to lose you, and now that you’re actually bothering to pay attention you’re actually helping. Until next time.

Option 2

You check the ledger to see where the first hits occurred. Castle WestAirTemple! Such a clever name, so everyone knows it’s a wind castle! It’s a level 2 in what you thought was a nice neighborhood, and even though it shares the same territory with non-allied teams, you have never been attacked there before.

The whole area has been bubbled though, allowing a P1 enemy team through.

No, this is not happening on your watch!

If this were any other castle you’d be SOL, but as it happens, you are the Marshal of this castle. You disable the shield; you’d like to keep it from bubbling if possible. You @ group a call for help and post the enemy team in TC.

Being very forward thinking like the boss you clearly are, you do the same in your alliance chat, pasting the coordinates of the castle where you need help. You get a “push notification failed message," so you have no idea if it actually worked, but you are sure someone will see it!

Your team is starting to rally, and when you look at the map, you see blue lines starting to pick up on their way to the castle.

Defense banners are still coming in. You tell the team they need to defend, especially Drag0nFire420. That jerk might be garbage about reciprocating xp runs, but he’s a level 401 with a pretty solid base, the biggest on your team, and he at least defends himself. Sometimes.

TUPACZalive isn’t nearly as big, but he’s a good flier. He’s darting in and out with his max silver sieger that has a seasonal buff on it. All eyes should be on him, you think because he’s wrecking enemy troops!

For the next 15 minutes you sneak attacks in here and there between defending and running the battle and answering repeated questions about who the enemy is and why enfeeble doesn’t work with this many enemy prims on the castle. Drag0nFire420 logs on and is doing invader runs and hitting invite in the middle of battle. Another player is joining Atlas attacks and quitting to finish out a join quest, instead of defending. Aside from these two, things are moving along!

Your team has responded well, your 5ta is showing up. Your smaller players that make up the bulk of your team are bringing troops to bulk up the defense, and hitting where they can, although targets below 300 are few and far between.

In the meantime your officers have logged on and now you are working as a unit, keeping communications open and working to kill off the enemies you can.

The enemy is determined however, and their 5ta shows up as well. It’s a real battle!

With the arrival of their 5ta, you realize you are in more trouble than you thought. You were already a bit outmatched with a P1 team. But now there are several 500+ bases, and one of the teams in the attacker’s 5ta is an S2 team. And sweet Amarok, have they brought troops!

Your team and 5ta manage to take out the remaining bases that they can, but your own team’s troops are being slaughtered in the process…and the enemies, able to reload from neutral and come back in through the bubbled path, are starting to hit castle guards here and there. If you can’t find a way to hit those big players as fast as they’re hitting you, your situation will be dire!

Suddenly you get a Line message. You forgot to disable notifications, and you accidentally hit the banner. You pop out of the game. It’s a friend who is on one of the top teams, DigitalDescent, and they have a castle connected to yours in the tier 3 territory next door. Your friend’s message says, “Hey, I see you’re in trouble next to us; we don’t want that alliance to have access to our castles; do you need my help?”

If you choose to agree to their help, go to option 3
If you choose to deny their help, go to option 4

Option 3

You re-read the message. It’s like a Hail Mary! “It’s not really your fight…but if you want to, I can’t say we don’t need it!” You reply with a :heart_eyes:.

“Oh, it’s good for us too! Like I said, enemies. Our level threes protect entry to our level fours. They probably won’t hit me anyway. I’ll just go park there as a warning, okay? Tell your alliance that I’m friendly!” Your DigitalDescent friend has quite a large base, and any sane smaller team with any knowledge of Atlas politics would not want to risk tangling with them.

You go back in game and announce in TC and alliance chat that DigitalDescent is friendly. “They’re just going to park, not hit. Maybe it will give our attackers pause. Please don’t kill.”

Everyone agrees. Your friend moves their rather imposing taunter in. Bronze, because silver would be too juicy. There seems to be a momentary lull. You’d like to think your attackers are reconsidering their attempted conquest, but alas, it’s just Atlas lag.

The battle continues for another 15 minutes, and you simply have no way to fight this larger 5ta that wants to take your castle. And then you see a chat invite notification. You join. It’s your friend.

“They called in MercyCrashers to kill me.” You are just a marshal of a castle. You don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors, and you had no idea that your attackers were allied with MercyCrashers. You do know that MercyCrashers is a big bad, and this cannot be good. Your friend says, “My leader is coming. She hates MercyCrashers. Tell your allies not to kill.”

You have the sense that this is all spiraling out of control. But you don’t want to lose your castle. Even though it was gifted to you by some other team before you ever joined, you and your team have worked hard to max the infrastructure, and you’re doing so well for a plat 3 team. And you NEED all the bonuses you can get; they’re necessary for progression and just about the only thing that helps recruit, supposedly. Somehow people still aren’t banging on the doors to get in. Whatever. If only you were all bigs, you wouldn’t need this kind of help!

The defense banners on your team have slowed. And in alliance chat someone has asked for confirmation about which side the DigitalDescent players are on.

LimeLikeABoss: Ours. Perseonal friends, just wanted to help!
Alliancepeep2: Great! Will pass on. We’re getting help because MercyCrashers.
Alliancepeep2: Don’t kill DreadRoad when you see them.
Alliancepeep2: @ LimeLikeABoss tell your friends not to kill them either, they don’t like each other.
LimeLikeABoss: okay

You relay this bizarre message to your DigitalDescent friend. “Cool, just came to help you! If they’re here to help, that’s cool too!” They add, “But if they ever show up on our castles, it’s a different story lololol!”

10 minutes later you look at the list of prims on the castle. WTF. You can’t touch any of them! What started off as an attempt to bubble (likely in prelude to a conquer) is now a battle of bigs. DreadRoad, MercyCrashers, and DigitalDescent players are all on your stupid level 2 castle. There are numerous platinum and sapphire teams with players as well, mostly bigs who can hit one another. It doesn’t matter that it’s a level 2, they’re almost all over 400 so they’re all getting 100% glory on one another.

Over the course of the next hour, enemy prims dwindle, and disappear. Non-5ta allies move off. An officer re-enables the shield. You’ve managed to keep your castle, but somehow you got very little glory out of it, since you couldn’t reliably hit most of the bases. That 30% permaloss for failing was just too much to risk even trying! Oh well, it’s what needed to happen. You want to keep your castles because no matter what, once you lose them they’re way too difficult to replace! And it took so long to get those bonuses! You NEED the bonuses!

A few days later, your team gets a request from someone in your 5ta. DreadRoad has a level 5 castle in cool down. Apparently they’ve been fighting with MercyCrashers non-stop since the other day, and now they could use some help just to keep MercyCrashers from taking the castle before the PvP bubbles go up. They helped you, so it seems only fair, even though you’ll just be sacrificing troops to players you can’t defend against. But it’s for a good cause…right? Yeah!

Congratulations. Reciprocity works and your super alliance is fully functional!

Option 4

“No, I think we got it,” You respond, with a :smile:. “But thank you!”

“Are you sure? We don’t want them on that castle. They’d get to our level 3s, which protect our level 4s.”

“I’m sure. We have a bigger alliance if necessary.”

“Okay, well I’ll keep an eye on it. If they come through you and hit us we’ll give them the smack down!”

You go back in game. Your alliance’s troops are still being slaughtered. Your officers are trying to organize a few players to go hit one of the attacker’s castles, to see if it will draw them off, but the only castles anyone knows about have been left with taunters and trappers too big for almost anyone in your 5ta to hit. And anyway they’re killing your troops so fast that no one can afford to leave! Someone suggests getting another, non-5ta team to hit them. The idea has merit. But everyone is busy dying so no one really responds.

“Ugh, these teams are way too big for us, we have no chance! :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:” TUPACZalive says in chat. “We need help or we’re going to lose this castle!”

Indeed, your castle guards are now being picked off at a steady rate. You ask your officers if you should put the shield back up to let it bubble, and give your alliance time to regroup and plan a counter. No one answers. You really don’t want it to bubble; if the team is really intent on taking the castle, a cool down would be a nightmare. But otherwise it looks like they might just take the castle now. What to do?!

If you choose to put up the shield, go to option 5
If you choose to leave the shield down, go to option 6

Option 5

You raise the shield. In short order your castle is bubbled; most of the attackers prims are silver; hitting castle guards, it goes fast.

One of your officers thanks you; she was trying to enable it and the game froze. The other has been busy setting up bases with Hau to take down with Frost, but although her skills are good, her level 286 base keeps dying to Vanguard Surts before she can complete an attack.

With the bubble up, your team begins planning for the bubble to drop. You want to drop soon, so the cool down is finished before most of your team has to go to bed. You make a plan for a larger non-5ta alliance team to hit castles in the attacker’s 5ta when you drop shield. Keeping them occupied for the duration of the cooldown is ideal!

In two hours, the plan goes off without a hitch. Your cool down starts off nice and quiet, but everyone is on high alert.

Rather unpleasantly for you, about 20 minutes in, the attackers reappear. And although their biggest allies are missing (presumably defending their castle), now they’ve brought other friends with them. Lots of friends. You look at the rapidly growing list of teams on the castle as your officer puts the call out to get everyone back in gear. 7. 9. 15. It caps out at 19. It’s not really that many prims; each team outside of the attacker’s 5ta has only sent a few prims. But they’re almost universally large levels, although there is an odd level 133 that has a taunter with 100k troops on it.

19 teams against 5. It’s not the worst odds; you’ve been in battles where it was three times that. But they’re mostly too big for your team to hit! You make a few runs at the attackers who are in your range, and take a couple of tries at some bigger bases. Double defended each time; you’re not a stellar flyer and your dragons can’t handle 63s with defenders.

Drag0nFire420 announces in TC that he’s got 400 chests so far. Whoop-de-freaking-do.

An announcement in alliance chat: friends will be showing up to help in the battle; make sure your team only kills the enemies on the hit list! You post the hit list in the TC to help out the officers, and warn the team not to hit anyone else. They’re pretty good at listening; friendly fire is rare from your side.

In the next ten minutes, the number of non-5ta allies grows the team count on your castle to 44. There are players from some big teams on your side, you notice, including a couple of players from the diamond team DragonsWonder. When you take a break from hitting the bases you can, you ask about them:

LimeLikeABoss: What’s DragonsWonder doing here?
TUPACZalive: They’re just cleaning up the biggest bases :smiling_imp:

It’s only fair, you think. After all, a 450 is a 450, whether they’re in P1 or D2, right? It’s not like the whole team showed up. That might be unfair. And anyway, what else is this giant alliance for, if it’s not to help you keep your castles, castles that would be almost impossible to replace if you lost them?!

In the end, you keep your castle, your allies all sit through the remainder of your cool down. You have 136 chests. Drag0nFire420 has 612. Man you hate that vampire! You permalost quite a few troops, too. Oh well, time to start reviving! It’s a troop build, after all!

Congratulations. Super alliance ftw. As per usual.

Option 6

You choose to leave the shield down! Your officers are pretty on top of it; if they want the shield up, they will either tell you or do it themselves. Cool downs are the worst anyway, you don’t want to deal with that.

TUPACZalive: Hello, can we get some help, we’re going to lose this castle! :angry:
Alliancepeep2: We have friends on the way. :sunglasses:
Alliancepeep2: Trying to get one of the bubbled castles to drop their bubble.
LimeLikeABoss: Why would they do that and take on the work :thinking:
Alliancepeep2: They shouldn’t even have castles. Idiots
Drag0nFire420: Can someone attack me for ss quest?
TUPACZalive: :roll_eyes:
Alliancepeep2: :roll_eyes:
ObeyMeAlways: :roll_eyes:
LimeLikeABoss: :vampire:
Alliancepeep2: Don’t hit the following teams!

Alliancepeep2 proceeds to list off 6 teams, which your officer passes on to TC. Teams keep getting added as multiple non-5ta alliance teams each send a few prims to help your team out. In short order there are 24 additional teams helping you out, something you super appreciate. The attackers are pretty determined though; they’re not being distracted by all the people attacking them, they’re just focused on your castle guards, which are slowly disappearing out from under you!

You begin the re-think not putting the shield up, but when you ask about it in chat, you are told not to worry; even if they get all your guards, they can’t conquer with all these other teams on. You’re pretty sure that’s a lie, but what do you know?

The hit list gets updated, as the enemies also begin to bring in other friends, and the total number of teams represented on your castle jumps to 55.

You’re mostly defending, watching your hammer stash dwindle into the double digits, then single digits, although you have over six thousand each of shields and swords. It’s ridiculous. But when you scroll through the prim list, there just aren’t that many bases you can take. As usual, it’s devolved into a battle of bigs.

Then, a most glorious blessing! Scrolling through the list, you see a sieger you can hit, a juicy silver with 45k troops. This is exciting! You bring you silver trapper in. Just 4k troops. There’s really no good way to level a defensive prim, so you’ve resorted to the occasional hit on siegers when you can. But as soon as you land, you get a defense banner for yourself. From a level 500 player that you have learned in the last 20 minutes only uses an Empyrean Surt. You’ll be dead before you get your attack off.

Your castle guards are all gone now. One of your officers ask for the big sacrifice: load up your trappers and send them in, before someone manages to get a conquer on while you guys have less than 10k troops. Ha! You knew it was a lie before!

You put 25k on your bronze trapper and send it in. TUPACZalive puts 70k on a taunter. Drag0nFire420 says he’s at his revive cap and can’t send more. The ledger says he has almost a million troops. You point this out, and he grudginly puts 35k on a bronze trapper and sends it in. You hope the enemy kills all his troops right away.

You’ve now ceased defending; you’re doing gold runs to revive as you go, and anyway you can’t defend against the players hitting you.

But there is a light! When you next check to see the prims on the castle, the enemy troops are siginificantly diminished. While they focused on killing off your team, your allies focused on killing them off, and its worked! All that sacrifice has paid off!

You keep your castle, your allies eventually move off. Your officers tally up the friendly fire – just 75k that your team lost to allies this time, better than usual! And they re-hire castle guards! Things are looking up!

Huzzah! Nothing can spoil your mood now, because you kept your castle. Man, your alliance is the best! You’re going to crack open a bottle of virtual champagne to celebrate your team’s awesome ability to keep from being conquered.

Too bad for the enemy, super alliance wins again!


The area gets bubbled 5 times over the next week, and your neighbors eventually get tired of being bubbled and give passage to the 5ta that wants your castle to get at the level 3s.

You eventually lose it to the stronger alliance on their 7th attempt to take it. The first foray the new owners make onto DigitalDescent’s level 3s, the team crushes them, takes the castle back, and hands it back to you. Your team, formerly dejected, is revitalized that you got your castle back. Aw, what would Atlas be without friends?! Isn’t it great?! :clinking_glasses:


Thank you, I loved this😂


Fun read… just had to go through all the options. :slight_smile:


Brilliant :joy:


Thoroughly enjoyed this :smiley:


Geez will you kick that Drag0nFire420 player already lol. Driving me up a wall and its not even a real team :joy: :joy:

But a great read. Enjoyed it all and all scenarios.


If anyone was wondering whether it’s worth it to explore all the options, the answer is yes. :smiley:


I think you have real competition now for best story teller… :joy:

Awesome work @Moonswirl!


It was great! Of course I had to read all the options though!

Edit: Spelling


I enjoyed this immensely :slight_smile:

:vampire: :rofl::rofl:


Reciprocity Works, I feel like this might have actually happened before 0-0


Great story! Thanks for sharing :+1::grin:


Amazing!so worth it to read all of the options


@Moonswirl I bow before your brilliance!


I feel like I just learned more about Atlas than I did in the past year or so :joy: It certainly felt more immersive & fun :smiley:

Thanks for the ride!


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