Here's a crazy idea

Instead of trying to figure out a million ways to make another dollar off your users and introduce a million new things to the game…

WHY NOT JUST FIX the existing game first??? Make it 99+% Error free???

Is that asking for too much???


Yes it’s asking to much


Way too much


I mean come on … i have one of the newest/fastest android phones on the market… and my game crashes at least 50x a day. It was 200x a day on a phone that was 2yrs old.

Maybe I just need to run on a tablet overclocked with external GPU designed for mining bitcoin or something. But this is really getting rediculous.

Sorry I had to vent :slightly_smiling_face:

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I look forward to seeing the little checkbox when this is accepted as the solution.


I think expectations are to high. How long have they been struggling to get Atlas to work half decent and I am just speaking about the time since they launched it live. They seem to be lacking some technical experience. lol

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Main problem was WD swapping companies. 1st one set the game amazingly as you feel it on first tiers, it was really addicting. The it was bought by Pg and they reshaped some stuff that is turning badly.

This info I got through some posts, and by creating an alt this week. It’s actually nice to go back to scratch! Funny thing, I run it on a overused iPhone 5S and it runs do much better than my 1 year Android phone. I mean…just…damn 🤷


If you’re mining bitcoin off a tablet I feel like we need to have a separate discussion about whether you should be allowed access to technology at all…


Might need this thread closed on account of lunacy.

New phones have 1440p+ resolutions which this game seems to crash a lot with. Try to run run the game on a 1080p resolution and if it still crashes try 720p, I know it sucks but it fixed my crashing issues and so with a lot of players that I have recommended it to, worth a try.

This makes no sense…

He did mention external GPU which is what takes most of the work when mining, if the tab has a quadcore with enough power to supply a high end GPU, you got yourself a somewhat of a bitcoin miner xd, also might wanna open that tablet and put a big fan on it o.0

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I found your mistake… Android…


I know right? This game was never designed for android. Blatently biased.

Napkin thanks for the advice, I may try that, drop down the res…

Another crazy idea, open Atlas up to any teams in Platinum and above


Should have went with Apple…

Go find me a Platinum team that’s having a good time in Atlas.

Do you know what the original company was called?
Just curious lol

Not PG

Wasn’t it some guy just making it with his friends in his/her basement?

I believe it was BitPig

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