Hey husband And wife looking to join plat3 or 2 team

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Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – yourLeagueyourTeamlvlRequirement

Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – 76 & 56 tramavataraangplat 3 moving to 2 to `plat 2 or higher

Time Zone:eastern
Played time:weekends and evenings
Age Range: 18 +
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes:all event dragons for last 3 seasons
Highest Lineage Dragon:green

About:Hey our old team split up and we had to find a new one thought we were happy and they kicked my husband recently with no warning he is lower level but climbing slowly and steady. We both do war hits every time and participate in events. Looking for a friendly team that wants to move up

Hey there!

We have a few families and couples and welcome you. Yes, we’re Gold I, usally Platinum, so I’m seeking a few players eager to play to get back to Plat quickly.
Come join us. We’re friendly, helpful, around the clock.

Send me a msg in game.

DracarysTRE :fire:

We can make space for dedicated players - check us out! Built2Burn. Currently Plat III, will move up as we get higher levels.

Deathdealers will be glad to have you as long as you’re active. We have some couples on our team. Message me in game to find out more.

TheHungerGames has been around since Nov 2015, we are a strong team that gets stronger every day. We have a few alts that we can replace for active players.

We have one rule … play in ALL wars … we have a collection of team mates, some play hard and spend up … others play and don’t spend … all are welcome as long as they show up for war.

We don’t like drama and fortunately rarely have any … we don’t like making enemies … we think that the best team wins on the day in war so there are never any hard feelings :slight_smile:

All in all … if you’re above level 50, looking for a team that will help you grow and expects only loyalty in return … then send us an email and get to know us … if we sound like we are what you are looking for, send us a join request :slight_smile: Oh and if you’re under level 50 but think you can offer the team loyalty and 100% war activity email us anyway as we can always lower the join level for good players.

Check out Dracoknights. We are a friendly team in Plat 3 and are more than happy to have you both.

Plat 2; xPsychwardx; depends on actvity

We are a new team. Currently in Gold 3, but working hard and moving up fast. We would love to have another husband and wife team. We have 2 now. Take a look at our team and join us. Message me as I am the recruiting officer and let’s chat. I think you would love us! Mama

Fourhorsmen could take both of you in after event p2 atm but pushing to plat 1. Message kativina in game you’ll need an invite to join us.

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