Hey, I have a question

***Sorry for my English. I don’t use this language in normal life (except search on google, computer, read novel or games). ***

First, someone attacked my base but they do nothing. They just flew and fell down with no shot from all three dragons. One guy just used skill summon and nothing more than that. They use dragons tier sapphire or over, but almost people can beat my base with those tiers. Is this usual? Somethings happen with my account or they can’t play in that time. Maybe my account has some problem. Can someone explain or check for me.

Second, many times attacker win but it shows they didn’t loot anything from me. Why?

Third, this case is in many months ago. Someone said I farm on my team (in that time), but I know I can’t and I not smart like hacker. That make me think is my account is error.

Is I choose right tag. Thank you very much.

There could be various reasons why someone would hit and quit on you. It’s nothing you should worry about. If any of them are friends of yours then they might be giving you daily rubies for someone failing on your base. Or perhaps you have multiple of a certain tower early on your base and they’re using it for an egg mission.

The amount of resources you have might be less than the amount that your storage hut protects or they are full on wood and food so there was no room for them to steal more

Farming isn’t hacking, it’s just hitting the same person multiple times. Some people get easily offended about being attacked in a game that’s about attacking people so they whine about it. Farming isn’t against the rules or anything and you wont get into trouble for it (even though often the whiner will threaten to report you for it). It’s just sometimes thought of as bullying. Again, dont worry about it


Thank you for explain.



If ppl attack you but didn’t defeat your base. Could be the attacker has problems on his device

If attacker had max resources before attacking you, he can defeat your base and still you lose nothing because his storage is full.

Have fun flying!


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