Hey if i delete the app and redownload it can i use my second account on the same device without corruption, please i really need to know if someone has the answer?

Well i heard i cant use 2 accounts on same device because of corruption which is true, but what if i delete the app and re download it? Will it still corrupt my data.

You should be able to sign into and out of more than one account on the same device without issue, even if you uninstall/reinstall. I would ss your PG id and anything you deem important for each account ahead of time just in case. I think the corruption plays when you try to log into the same account from multiple devices.

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I had to delete one of my primary accounts from an iPad to move an alt over because I simply could not stand the performance on an Samsung tablet. I advised customer service ahead of time. Works fine.

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On the main screen it says dont play multiple accounts on same device and ive faced corruption that way b4, this was last season i lost a couple of towers, it might have been fixed, but u play 2 accounts on one device rite?

the only thing I can say on this one would be to slowly log out and log in.

Do not rush like your life depends on it. There shouldn’t be any issue and I have been switching from my main and alt for almost half a year and there’s no issue that took place since it took 5 minutes before I notice that I already logged out.

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Something to keep in mind, at least with IOS, it seems to remember your support Id and pocket id even after you log out under the app info area in iOS settings

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