Hey my husband and I are thinking of joining a new guild

Hey everyone, we are both active players and are always on the top for team contributions. A lot of new people have joined and the whole feel has changed.


Hi, our platinum team is currently looking for new members.
If your interested let me know

Player levels and dragon tiers?

What level of team are you looking for?

Check out my team Built2Burn. We are only PlatIV right now, but we’ve solidified with a good group of people, and are looking to climb.

Hello… my team is accepting new members. Very active, chat active, fun, friendly group. Check us out. TheWindRiders. We’d love to have you!

We’re always looking for members in Targaryan Horde. We have at least three active couples already, and many people who know each other outside of the game. Levels range from the 20s to 140.

Dont look for a team just in higher league.
You’d better find out a team in proper league for you.
Extremely speaking, if you join in a team in Sapphire or Diamond, you have nothing to do in the week war event.
(though, this give much more team rewards :slight_smile: )
Unless your goal is getting more rewards, find out a team that you can enjoy the event.


Hi! Our team would love to have you! Please let me know if you are interested. ArmyOfTheDead We are a Gold 1 team. We share resources freely and are a bit crazy. Lol. Let me know if interested and I can send you an invite!

WinterClan is looking for more active players and you and your husband would be welcome to join.

ALWAYS looking for active members- come give us a try!! TotosRevange

My platinum team are looking for good daily players Silent Myst .

My team is rebuilding. You can read our description to see if you are interested in joining (thegamers2).:blush:

We are looking for active players! Our team is made up of people from all over (so usually someone on) lots of help for xp runs, war back up , and general merriment! We are mostly a mature team (at least in physical age…)- lots are married and parents. We are currently gold 2 and looking to move up while having fun. Let me know if you have questions!

Deathdealers is always looking for mature, adult players…our team is a family and communication is key…check us out if interested

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Our Gold Team ShadowLords431 is seeking reliable Warriors. We do Wars every day but we have one of the most open hearted and welcoming Vibe of any Team. We have a SisterTeam for restng, holidaying or busy life people, with transfers between the two happening all the time.
Whether you are level 33 or 83, makes no difference to us, because with our active Mentoring, generous resource sharing, xp Runs for fun and a library of extremely intelligent Wiki Pages… the level 33 will be caught up to the level 83 faster than you could believe possible. It IS possible because we care for our people.
Mail me @dekamin for more info

DragonDivision is an up and coming Gold team that is building its way to plat. we have a dedicated core thats always on (we have no life). we all share rss like its a joint. if u want a fun group who like to kick ass and chew bubble gum (which were out of), message me @GenoTheGreat or @SanuraNeris. (i can also be reached on the LINE app @genotg)

We are in gold and we are looking for good active players that will do the events and wars and join in team conversation. We are building this team up. RoyalDragonDRD

Well i’m going to jump on the ‘we want players’ bandwagon … we’ve got places for 2. Prefer higher levels but will trade that for loyalty and attendance.



So if anyone reads this and is looking send me an ingame email or join request. You need to be active though :slight_smile:

If you’re still looking for a team our team is trying to recruit members level 40 and up!
If you are interested please look us up! We are very friendly, and very active! Check us out!
The Last Knights