Hey PG, have you solved the issues of the previous assault event?

I did not get the points I deserved in the last Assault event. Although the power of my dragon I flyed was much less than 20% of the base I attacked, I could not get maximum points from any attack. Although I sent tens of tickets, this problem was never solved. I hope you solved these issues before making the event announcement. I put a video that is proof of your injustice. Look at the DP of the base I attacked and the AP of my dragon. then look at the score I got.


Tens of tickets is a little bit overkill. Sure it was a problem and I hope they fix it before next time, but even so that’s excessive…

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you can’t get max point…


Im afraid I fail to see the issue. The formula was base points x(2- ap of dragons/dp of base), (if ap>dp it’d still only cap at 1 so you would jus together the base points). In this formula, it’s impossible to earn max points. The reason your score was lower than you expected on the leaderboard isn’t just because of a few cheaters (and it really was no more than a few) or a bug, it’s because people simply used weaker dragons.

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This is what you need to get the maximum score according to what is written here.

They changed that


There might have only been a few cheaters - the problem is, they were all at the top of the leaderboards. Leaving out people that played fairly.

So the real problem is cheaters. Well, so why is there a maximum score, although it is impossible to reach the maximum score?

You should know by now PG doesn’t test their new events well if any. Max numbers were just some random numbers.

Effectively there isn’t a max score if it isn’t obtainable. I think they just want competition at the top of the leaderboard to see who can do the best.

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