Hey PG - Please move Inner Fire from Dragon inventory into the Event category

I don’t think anyone uses Inner Fires except in an event situation. It makes sense (to me) to have Inner Fires grouped with the Event inventory items.



I agree with the suggestion, but here’s a funny story. I have 2.1k inner fires. I have 800 healing potions (had 12 before opening chests). I used to commonly use inner fires and try my absolute damnest not to take damage so that i wouldnt have to wait heal time. Kinda sad, kinda hilarious.


wait, what? :rofl:


He speaks the truth…though it only works sporadically or for certain dragon types…not really sure. Tends to work for me using hunters, but not sorcerers.

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And except when I burn them accidentally on a wood run or in Atlas.


It’s triggered by using the 30% HP/AP boosts. Some dragons will get the no heal when it’s on, some dragons will only get the no heal when it’s off.

Also automatically disable inner fires outside event attacks. I accidentally waste 50-100 IF per season, forgetting to unequip while attacking outside event (I belive everybody is doing it more or less). They serve no purpose outside the event. These can be put to a better use.

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