Hey PG we hate Tug of War

…just saying. Lots to like in this game but this event isn’t one of them.

P.S. All my other alts also feel this way.


Agreed. This is the worst event out of all of them. It is basically a social experiment in misery disguised as an event.


Ditto. I can think of very few things created in this world that I hate more than this event.


It’s pretty much a toss up for me between this and conquer the world. They could both disappear right now, and I think many lives would be better.


I think this one is infinitely worse than Conquer given the effect the mega coin has on it.


Indeed. ToW is an event that you can buy the victory for, regardless of how well you play.

The scores in my league make it pretty obvious that 1 and 2 are dropping mega coins like over-caffeinated 8 year olds spending Chuck E Cheese tokens at a birthday party. :man_shrugging:


Everything about this thread :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


At the very least, they should decrease the mega coin window, 15 min just isn’t enough time to take back a 16k lead


I really don’t care for the mega coins, I just wish the game was playable again.

Some PvP events simply leave me with a broken game, I can’t support my team in event runs because I always crash and waste their energy. I can’t even do multiple XP runs without wasting xp spells. CtF is broken


This event is 90 hours too long. The Fighting Pits is a far better designed event. How about replacing ToW with Pits?


Its a known issue…

I dont think they will bring up old loved events… There a very great miscommunication is alife.

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There have been two events which I think have only ever been run once since I have been playing… One was Dragon Olympics and the other I cannot remember. It was a solo event - you could only use dragons in a tier and you could only heal them with some special potion. I wish they would bring back those events.


Yea i know that was a great event, where you had to complete it with only one tier to 100%.

And other nice event was Assault or XP Event. The prizes was amazing… probably thats why they dont want them be.
Solo events are in my opinion much greater then pvp…

The fun which you can have with assault events, or events where only use one tier of dragon is outside of range for every pvp event.
Who we need to adress to have new events.
Which of your friends are working about ?


Bring back mini assualt!


@PGCoffee is the one to tag for event-related suggestions.

I can say that Coffee is talking with the GPF about events. If someone wanted to start a thread regarding events (past and present) and their merits or weaknesses, that could be useful. I know there are some old events that I miss (and one that i’m trying to think of a way to bring back and keep it fair–it worked much better when the level spread between the highest and lowest players was relatively small–if you have a long memory, I speak of the original XP event).

If you do start a thread on this, please keep it as constructive as possible–maybe just list all the events and rank them 1-5, and if you have comments about a specific high ranking, maybe give that. If there is a common thread among events that many players like, it is possible more events with those components could be incorporated into the game. Possible same for any events you give a 1. Maybe there is a common element that many players do not care for.

So, 1 is that you do not care for the event, and 5 is this is/was an awesome event.

Just a thought.



I like the event, but this is more of an endurance race than a competition.

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dragon trials or something like that. I liked it, but others didn’t. Mostly because they don’t expert their dragons and just shelve many once they are breedable.


I also really liked the original xp event…before they changed it and redid the point system…it was by far the most active I had ever been in the game grinding for several million xp points to hit the next tier of 10 Million getting 3k per run…lol

I also really liked the original gauntlet which was a test to see how high you could go solo with the bases getting gradually stronger.

The game has changed so much since then and I understand that many past events from back when the game had first started wouldn’t really work in the system we have now, but there are a few events that I would like to see go away as they impede the progression of lower level players…

Breeding and feeding. I’ve seen many players hold off on all feeding and breeding because they want to do well in those events, but these events seem to be only practical for higher tier players. Encouraging players to be in a level too high for their dragons with the frequent fortification events, and then further encouraging them not to level or breed for months on end isn’t helping with the overal development of the newer players. I’m a 300+ player, so waiting is no problem for me and I can still have a very strong roster and level up my main dragons while having several dragons put away with enough xp to level them to expert when the feeding event comes so I can always do very well. However, I see too many players that refuse to level their dragons because they are ‘waiting for feeding’ and therefore are almost never self sufficient when it comes to doing runs.

This being said, I also think fortification should be less frequent.

Just in my opinion.


I don’t really think so. As a level 64 I think I can safely call myself lower tier, and I always level my lead dragons (currently Hugin, Ettin, Yersinu and all my divines). And I still have enough old crappy dragons to starve to spend over 7M food on the next breeding event, which is a higher score than I can normally get in other events like breeding and fort.

You worry about people cripling themselves by holding off until the next event, and then want to make them less frequent? If anything make them more frequent, combined breed/fort every three weeks or something.

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Yes… It was a kind of torture, but it was fun too. AND it rewarded grinding and “gemming” more or less the same. I’d like to bring it back, I’m just not sure how. Obviously, players who can earn 4-5M XP in a single run have a huge advantage if xp alone is used.

Breeding and feeding, if you do not have “old dragons” to run multis on and save for the event, both encourage counterproductive behaviors, and fortification does the same, encouraging people who are not ready to level multiple times. But they are also a kind a “rest” between the other more active events.

Do you have ideas for events that could serve that same purpose?