Hey so I would love a team, oh good this is now 15 characters

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LFT – 67 Lucifer – no league really right nowtoplatinum`


Language:English, British
Time Zone: EST USA
Played time: few years
Age Range: 16-20
Elite Account?: No
Dragon Roster Includes: What?
Highest Lineage Dragon:
Like the Purple one
About:hey so I’m trying to get back into the game. my previous team was platinum with Atlas, so I’m looking for an more advanced team who can take me in, and maybe I can learn new things like before. haven’t been active recently as you may see, but I’m trying to be again :slight_smile: fun game, cool new season. I assume it’s now Fall ‘20, I participated in Summer ‘20. Experienced somewhat in Atlas, got the basics. Somebody said I should add more about myself so…Steak is my favourite food. Love soccer, fencing, and rowing. My birthday is tomorrow (September 8th), favourite tv show is The Office, or Peaky Blinders. Favourite movie is Catch me If You Can with Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. That’s…all I can think of personally. OH I also love the show Criminal Minds (even though it is not very…accurate). Can just call me Luci or Lucifer haha thanks alright bye

Hi Luci! Welcome back to War Dragons!
I’m currently on a break myself so I am actually not on a team.

When I was active, I would recruit for VikingsDK; if you’re gonna be active, communicative and willing to learn they would be willing to take you in. Message Andrew131313 in game.

If they don’t have slots, two of my friends’ teams DemonDeciple and SocietyofRed both have openings.

All the teams I’ve mentioned here are platinum and have atlas access. :slight_smile:

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