Hey, what’s this?

I tried searching, so please direct me to the thread I can’t find

Great question. Seeing as I get that on 3 different devices across both platforms at multiple locations. Numerous on my team do as well. The more I ask, the more I find that get this message. I find it unlikely the internet community as a whole is having such broad failures.


Try reading around this, we’ve been discussing a lot yesterday.

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So far the only temporary fix for that have been: reloading game after every run.

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That post doesn’t mention anything about this

It doesn’t mention this issue itself, but it IS about that one. Read all posts before that (go INTO that thread: click on the title and scroll up a bit), all that was written during like 12 h before this post.
There is NO fix for this problem as of yet, like Crisis is saying, it will be looked into.

I wish I could say that has helped. I am missing large blocks of chat. People don’t see what I am posting or only half of what I post. I posted 5 lines of chat earlier. Two of them showed up.

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Ohhhhh thanks. Kinda was the only way to read the full post…

To save you time, skip all the posts until the end, for that is when others start to have your exact issue.

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Like I’m saying, everything you are writing in chat after 2-3 minutes after logging in to the game, people won’t see.
So, you log in, chat 2-3 mins and refresh the game, chat another 2-3 and reload again. Repeat all the time. If you make at least one run, make sure you are doing it within these 2-3 minute period or the others won’t see your banner, and you won’t be able to join other runs as well.

This is the first time you’ve said that, but thanks

I won’t even lie, I didn’t read the discussion thread and when I saw 379 comments , I feel that is about equivalent to the number of tickets I’ve had to submit between accounts for this update. Losing over 500 energy the first day to be told about awareness and apologies, now this… I don’t have the patience they keep trying to thank me for.

Btw “Thanks and have a great day!” :exploding_head:

@LizDrakemoor don’t you dare close me down!

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:eyes: but what if I want to :smiling_imp:

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Yeah to save the time, the first time this problem was mentioned was me there

90% of posts after that in the thread is about this issue.

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This is the same post that @Anchang shared, but I appreciate it

Thank you!

I realized that after I posted it, which is why I took it down. Thanks though.

It’s a secret

Meant no offense :slight_smile: I appreciate you taking the time to help