Hey, you aren't in our alliance!

PSA… be wary of the alliance chat. We recently had 2 people pop up in our alliance chat that are not in our 5ta and never have been. They are on the other “side” and told us they had been there for awhile

Support said it was a known issue and to check the forums, but I didn’t see anything here.

That support reply is even more BS than their usual BS. This should have been solved the day after it was found out.

  1. Contact all members of the alliance
  2. Disband the alliance
  3. Create a new alliance
  4. Invite all previous members you want.

I’ve had a similar issue for weeks and even months. I was receiving notifications from an old alliance even though we had left it. Nothing that was proposed to me (reinstall routine, leave and rejoin team) solved the issue. We changed alliance again a little time ago and the issue finally seems solved… Other than that, I cannot help…

Now that I read your issue I wonder if it wasn’t the other way around… Maybe I was seeing the wrong alliance and receiving notifications from the right alliance!!! :exploding_head:


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