Hi all, how is it goin!

Remember me? The shrine dragon of the forums?

The name fits me perfectly since I am indeed trash you cannot get rid of.

Quit after Ikaros season. How is the game going … any better now?

As for me, life has been great, not that anybody asked. Stay well all.

PS: where Is gal?


Nah :joy:

He moved on to better things, luckily for him!

Hey! Long time no see! You should download the game again. :slight_smile:


He found himself a dream job of his and unfortunately no longer works for PG.

No current replacement for him, but we do have PGMatt who has been amazing in engaging with us.


Ikaros was my 1st mythic so its finally going good but challenges continue to diminish as this is no longer a war game…it’s a rss management game

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