Hi, I’m new to the forum. Want to be friends?




no, u will be alone for the rest of your life. bye


@Grumpybigbird wanna be my friend? :eggplant:


Only @Spider wants to be my friend. What’s your Line ID? We can chat, exchange pics, maybe even have a sleepover some time. I give excellent massages. :innocent:


There’s a troll, in the forums!


Who??? I’ll sic my pet anaconda on him. His name is Richard. :innocent:


Sounds nice.

Tell me, does your anaconda like back?


I’ll be your friend :avocado:


Be wary of GBB.


You’ve figured it out didn’t you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Fried eggplant and avocado are my favorites. BFF GBB :eggplant::avocado:


:yum: Tasty


Dis pog will be u fren :>


I’ll happily be your friend in this game! We can burn bases together! And chat in LINE ( the app)


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