Hi My team is having an issue in wars

For War attacks only, the team is not receiving invites to assist in war attacks. We are unable to assist/get help with our war attacks and have tested this with multiple players attacking different teams and different players.

Anyone else had this issue?


Half the people in the game r having this problem form what I’ve seen in other conversations

Only two of my players are having this issue. But it’s a thing. Both of my players having the issue use android and are in the Middle East (maybe it’s a regional thing)

I’m having it on iOS in the US

Pretty much all my team is too. Don’t think it is Android specific

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Same. I am on iOS as well.

However, this is not the main thread. The thread this conversation should continue in is linked above. It is the one PG is responding to.

Are you the one hitting invite or join?

In my case I’m the backup on iOS and the people doing lead are android… I now have a third and all 3 are android who I don’t see invites from

Every which way. I invite, I try to join, doesn’t matter, even cross platform. (I’m sitting in front of 4 iPads, 4 accounts, etc etc)

Banners are not working and going to cost my team a war

Hey @PGJared I have a great idea. Why not suspend declaring wars until defenders can actually get on? Too late! We have 3 that just started and the best anyone can do is get on after two-thirds of the base has been destroyed.


Quick! Run all their bigs now!

See - found a solution for you - there’s always a silver lining.

Go war!

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It’s not. My mates are from Canada, England, USA, etc and we all have this problem. It’s not just wars either. @PGJared I know a message was sent out that you’re all aware about the issue. However, this is not only messing up our war runs but it’s also preventing my team from the next quest chest level. So we’re going to be missing out on sigils. Do you know if PG will be addressing this particular aspect of this error? Also, it’s stating that we don’t have internet connections and booting people from the game.

Would love to, but all backers are being kicked. Only solo runs are working.

Oh you can’t solo their bigs. I’m sorry to hear that - well best wait then. I hear banners are working again? Works for me for sure.

Our issues are simpler. We seem to rarely have 50 able to attack. I contacted support and asked for compensation but they said there’s nothing they can do about it.

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that racist :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yeah it’s actually gotten worse for me. Can’t even do xp run backup right now. (It was working a few hours ago)

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I have notice in news and after log in, but i can join attack or defense with my teammates and war score is increase

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