Hi PG Folks, can you help us out with some continued harassment?

A while back I posted some emails from a player that were very offensive, and directed towards a 13 year old player … seems the player has managed to get access to another account, and I have started receiving the same sort of emails …

I’d rather play the game without this continued harassment and offensive content about my child. If you could help out, i’d appreciate it. I am not the only person in the team that is being targetted by this individual who is clearly lacking a few roos up in the top paddock.

Thanks :slight_smile:

look at the bottom conner on the left of picture, there is a block icon


I think the only thing you can really do right now is to block and report them.

PM Arelyna

Yeah that works until they change their name … and it isn’t useful for the next team who innocently brings that person into the team … seems a bit nasty to set some other team up to go through what we have with this guy.

Wow. Thats messed up. Pretty sure all they will tell you to do is block them though. Oh, they might tell you they have “lots of ideas on how to fix this in the future”. :-\

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They still track the account with its pocket ID.

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No that type of block should root down to the account ID # and keep them blocked on that account no matter their name or team.

The only way they’d be able to contact you is via another account entirely.


once they know one of your name, they can use that to track your account you know so long as the spelling is correct. I am pertaining to support.

Also, report that first by sending a ticket before you PM a PG Staff. That is a serious offense so possible that they will escalate that.

that’s new, I didnt know block would be expired after changing name :hushed:

But why does he go on so much trouble to change name, change team just to harrass you?

send a ticket to the support, maybe they put an act in this

Please report the message to the support team. Our agents will happily pull the in-game mail logs of the player and take care of this.


I would block him to make sure he doesn’t end up in your team. :four_leaf_clover:

One of our teams had trouble maker who kept rejoining … the team was set to Auto-Accept. I ended up blocking him and kicked him a few times cause he’d change his name and rejoin. I’m still tracking him, he was a bad apple. :unamused:

or the community can come together and farm his ass, :hugs: what team is he in :hugs:

Thanks Jarod, it’s already done and i’ve asked the others to do the same.

As to why he has gone to such lengths … I really have no idea, other than to suggest that he has some real life issues and seems to have focused on us. A while back we kicked him as he started attacking the other players, calling them homosexuals and attacking their wives and children.

We kicked him (this is a game, who needs this drama?) and since then he has been targetting our players, trying to get them to leave the team (nothing we can do about that) and oddly enough trying to get back into the team. I don’t want a bar of it … i play the game to fly dragons, not deal with drama.

I don’t know how he gets into other peoples accounts, they must give him their logins as he has presents initially as nice and trustworthy. While in our team I gave him the login to my alt account, which is much higher in the game as he is and he not only dropped it out of the team, he trashed all it’s mythic and legendary runes, even the ones on the dragons. Totally my own fault of course . But really, this sort of personal attack detracts from the game and is pretty much the reason why my daughter no longer plays it … imagine being 13 and getting emails like that from someone :frowning:

There are 2 things that a game doesn’t need, cheaters and creepy pedophiles … seriously, I wish I didn’t have to deal with this drama … and ignoring him does not work (as that’s actually what i’m doing in the game).

Another team player received this …

IF this turns out to be someone use other people’s accounts to send these messages, and not a case of someone changing their name a bunch, some folks are going to feel really bad when their accounts get banned.


My god… Can’t you change both team and your names? If that guy will always be creating new accounts and harass you, it may be the only thing you can do. I know it’s wearing but it’s an option

Well let’s hope those accounts had no money spent on them. I doubt they will last very long

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